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4 Ways to Launch Your Next Sermon Series with a Bang

Use these tips to launch you church sermon series with a bang! Prepare well, encourage your church to share, and make it accesible to all via livestream.

4 Ways to Launch Your Next Sermon Series with a Bang

After Christmas is a great time to launch a new sermon series.

During the holidays, you should expect to have an influx of new people visit your church. Since you will have new visitors, you should make preparations now (well, more like yesterday) to encourage them to come again or to watch you online via your live stream.

To help you promote your next sermon series in the new year, here are four ways you can create awareness.

  • Tease your sermon series
  • Update your website
  • Provide social media assets
  • Use Facebook Ads

Ready to dig in? Let's get to it...

1. Tease your sermon series

To create initial awareness for your next sermon series, you can tease it in a variety of ways, including:

This initial campaign to create awareness for your upcoming sermon series will generate curiosity, buzz, and prepare people for what’s to come.

When making these initial announcements, maintain a level of mystery. Apart from the name of the series and few points of what people can expect, don’t reveal everything. Holding your cards close to your chest will lead to a higher level of interest.

2. Update your website

After you tease your next sermon series, you will need to update your church’s website.

Remember, your church’s website is the new front door. Before people visit your church’s worship center, they will visit your church’s website.

Lead visitors to your website to learn more about your next sermon series. There are many ways you can do this, but be sure to include the title of your sermon series, description, and any creative assets you designed, such as videos and images.

3. Provide social media assets

Encourage the members of your church to help spread the word on social media by providing them with images, quotes, and videos.

4. Use Facebook Ads

To reach more people online and lead them to visit your church, think about running ads on Facebook. For your ads on Facebook, consider them to be online invitations.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you run an ad on Facebook:

  • Use a compelling image or video
  • Write the copy for your ad in the way people in your community talk
  • Target people in driving distance
  • Lead people to the landing page for your sermon series

If you use Facebook ads, then consider creating an invitation message specifically for people who visit your website from the ad.

How do you launch a new sermon series? Share your ideas below!


4 Ways to Launch Your Next Sermon Series with a Bang