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Keep track of your people—not your spreadsheets

Tithe.ly People makes it easy to centralize your contacts and stay up-to-date with your church community.
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Trusted by over 37,000 churches and ministries

Store contact information

Easily add and update someone’s contact information, profile image, and important details.
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Find who you're looking for

Don’t worry about spreadsheets, folders, or keeping contact information on your phone. Tithe.ly People provides lightning-fast search capabilities. 
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Text and email people

When syncing Tithely Messaging with Tithely People, you can send emails and texts directly from individual profiles and groups, edit contact information, and view conversation history all without ever leaving the People section.
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Background Checks

Easily run and track background checks for your volunteers and leaders in your church. Run all kinds of background checks including basic checks, to motor vehicle history, to full criminal checks.
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Relationships allow you to associate any two people in your database and appoint them with a specific type of relationship. This could include parents, children, aunts, uncles, grandparents, you name it.
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Households allow you to connect different family units who attend your church. It’s a great way to group people together so that you know who is a part of each family.
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Group people in your database in any way your church needs. Use this tool to manage small groups, ministry leaders, staff, or anything else that’s going to help your church out.
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2-way Syncing

2-way Syncing allows for you to sync your database across Elvanto and Tithe.ly People, so that you can use features like Messaging and Background Checks. Updates to your people will appear in both tools.
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Simplify your contacts

Save yourself time and stress by ditching spreadsheets and Post-It notes and storing people’s information in one easy-to-use platform. 

Create custom fields and manage multiple contacts at once

You can customize the data you collect about your people, and updating multiple contacts at once is a breeze.

Mobile friendly

Need to know something on the go? Access the info you need about your church community anytime—anywhere. 

Integrates with Tithe.ly

Tithe.ly People syncs with Tithe.ly Giving and Messaging. This way you can effortlessly pull information from your records of donors who give to your church and send texts and emails to people. 
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Discover the next generation of Church Management software

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Questions about
Tithely People

For more questions, visit our FAQ page

How do I sign up for Tithe.ly People?

Sign up for a FREE Tithe.ly Giving account to get started with Tithe.ly People.

Can I switch from Elvanto to Tithe.ly People?

If you’re currently using Elvanto, we believe it is the best option for your church at this moment, however if your church wants to move from Elvanto to Tithely People, you are welcome to do that anytime, and our team can help you every step of the way. We are working on integration tools that will allow you to better sync your information sync between the two platforms.

What is the difference between Tithe.ly People and Elvanto?

Elvanto is currently the best ChMS solution for larger churches and is our enterprise product for serving those customers that want a robust, full-featured church database management system.

Breeze ChMS is a powerful, yet intuitive church management software used by 10,000 churches. We recommend Breeze for all small to medium sized churches wanting more that Tithely People currently offers.

Tithely People is the next generation of Elvanto and Breeze, and we are actively developing it into the best church management system on the market. We have already added great new features like small group management, affordable and easy to use Background Checks, Relationships and Households, and a beautiful easy-to-use interface that integrates seamlessly with other Tithely products such as custom church apps, Messaging and Giving.

Elvanto and Breeze are both offered independently by Tithely and offer limited integrations with the Tithely platform

What is ChMS?

Church Management Software (ChMS) is a tool that helps you engage your community, equip your team, reduce administration time, grow your people, and steward the resources God has entrusted you with.

What is Tithe.ly People?

Tithe.ly People is a church management system (ChMS) that makes it easy to centralize your contacts and stay up-to-date with your church community.