Giving has never been easier

All six ways to give are packed into one easy-to-use and highly secure platform that has been tailor-made for churches and ministries.

Inbox keeps your messages organized

Offer your church members several ways to give online. With Tithely Online Giving you can add a church donation form and make it simple for your members to give on your church website vs. redirecting them to a third party giving page. Your giving form will be mobile optimized, ensuring your donors have a delightful experience when giving on the go.

Creates automated messages

Church text giving and text-to-donate is hands down the fastest and most convenient way to give! Plus, it’s kinda fun. Once you have your dedicated church text-giving number, members can give to church in a text message.

Emailing with Tithely Messaging

Give in seconds with just a couple of taps with our free online giving app. Designate a gift to one or more funds in a single transaction. Schedule regular automated giving. Manage account and payment information, plus much more.

AI Smart Fields

Generate headlines, content, and even photos using AI in our Drag & Drop email builder!

Powerful AI features allow church admins that build drag and drop emails to use artificial intelligence to generate quality text and graphics. For example, you can enter in prompts like “meadow” to automatically generate photos of meadows they can use in the email. Or allow AI to suggest improvements to make your email headings and call to actions more catchy and creative.

This will help churches level up the quality of their emails and make connecting with church members easier than ever!

Our mission is to grow giving and engagement in the local church

Watch these success stories from churches who have grown giving and engagement by using products.


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A building with a Vino Nuevo sign on the side

Vino Nuevo Enables Digital Giving with Tithely's Spanish Giving Form

In today's world, Christians possess a remarkable power to make a significant impact and change lives. One crucial aspect of this transformative influence lies in the way churches handle their tithes and offerings. In this Tithely Story, we witness the journey of Vino Nuevo El Paso, a thriving congregation, as they discover the power of Tithely’s digital giving tool, a platform that revolutionizes their giving experience.

A person in glasses looking at something

How Tithely Helped Encounter Church Reduce Their $30,000 A Year Expenses To Under $120

Discover how Tithely empowered Encounter Church's mission and enabled them to thrive as a digitally enabled faith community.

Go Church

How GO Church Uses Elvanto + Tithely to Pastor Their People & Make a Global Impact

Growth across multiple cities and states has been exciting…but has also created a logistical need to stay organized and continue pastoring their people.

A person sitting at a table with a laptop

How Elvanto Helps North River Church Engage & Pastor Their People Better

It could be easy to fall through the cracks in a 1,000+-person church like North River Church of Christ in Marietta, GA.But according to North River’s worship leader and media manager Chase Mackintosh, “shepherding the flock” is arguably the most important part of leading a church.

A group of people in front of a stage and hands waving

Canvas Church Raises $250k in 9 Weeks with

To get their dream church building, Canvas Church needed to raise a quarter of a million dollars in 9 weeks. Could they do it with's help?

A stage with a cross on it and chairs in front of it

How Helped Northgate Church Raise $350k for Their Homeless Ministry

When a $100k repair estimation more than tripled to a $350k bill, Pastor Evan Allnutt knew they needed not just a miracle, but a tool. 

A person walking in front of a church

How Helped Limitless Church Raise Funds for a New Building

Limitless Church is a new church plant with a vision to see revival in their community of Woodland, California. Four months into the plant, lead pastor Keenen Worell sensed that God was leading them to get their own building–but the task quickly became overwhelming. “I had given up,” says Keenen. 

A hand holding a cell phone

How Helped Alive Church Build a Branded Church App–and Save Nearly $25,000

Alive Church is a thriving church in Tucson, Arizona. With ministries catering to every age and a robust vision to see men and women from all walks of life find their purpose, Alive Church focuses on community and connection. That’s a core reason that a church app has been so vital to their success. But when Alive Church wanted to build a better, more custom app, a developer told them it would cost $25,000. 

A building with a roof and a C3LA sign on it

How Helped C3 Los Angeles Buy a Building During the Pandemic

COVID-19 was an extremely difficult time for nearly every church on the planet. But for churches in communities that went on total lockdown for extended periods of time, it was debilitating. “We went from one church in three locations locally here in Los Angeles to one church online,” says James Crocker, executive pastor of C3 Los Angeles. 

A person standing in front of a group of people

How Helped a New Church Plant Thrive in 2020

Planting a new church is an exciting–and complex–process. Building community, choosing a place to gather, and offering support to a new church can be deeply fulfilling and challenging. Communication, logistics, and healthy discipleship are just three critical pieces of the church-planting puzzle. Add 2020 into the mix, and you’ve got a formidable task.

Tithely Messaging does it all...

Tithely Messaging does what Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Text In Church, and the others do but built with the church in mind.

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  • SMS
  • Email
  • Lists
  • Follow-ups
  • Keywords
  • Blasts
  • Drag-and-Drop Email Creator
  • Email Template Library
  • Image Editor
  • Integrated Stock Image Library

Only $19/mo

Constant Contact
Text in Church: Messaging
$0/month (up to 40 members)
Tithely icon
Tithely logo text
All Access
$119/mo for your church
  • Online Giving
  • Website Builder
  • Custom Church App
  • Text & Email Messaging
  • Church Management
  • Point of Sale System
  • So much more...
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$119/month, flat.

Grow all you want, still $119/month total.

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Pushpay: Online Giving


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Clover Sites: Website


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Subsplash: Church App


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Text in Church: Messaging


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Igniter Media


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Planning Center: ChMS

$80/month *

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$435/month for
church of 100

*And you’ll pay even more as you grow.

6 ways to give

Create rich text & HTML emails

6 ways to give

Create emails from our template library

6 ways to give

Create rich text & HTML emails

6 ways to give

Drag and drop email builder

6 ways to give

Integrated with Tithely Media

6 ways to give

Powerful built-in image editor

email blast app dashboard

Ready to use Tithely Messaging?

No contracts or cancellation fees. No credit card required. No risk.
tithely messaging app icon
500 SMS per month included
$10 per 500 additional SMS messages
  • 30 Days Free
  • Unlimited emails at no charge
  • Unlimited keywords
  • Unlimited email blasts
  • Unlimited campaigns and follow-ups
  • Unlimited email blasts
  • 2-way messaging
  • Integrated with Giving
tithely messaging app icon
Tithely Messaging
text in church logo
Text In Church
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pastorsline logo
500 SMS/mo
$10 per 500 additional SMS messages
SMS limits based on plan
Pricing based off number of members
SMS limits based on plan
SMS limits based on plan
Incoming SMS charges based on plan
3rd Party Integration
3rd Party Integration
Follow Ups
Limited to Plan
Limited to Plan
Limited to Plan
1 keyword included ($4 per additional keyword)
Limited to Plan
SMS only, limited to Plan
Monthly Fee
Up to 40 members
tithely messaging app icon
500 SMS per month included
$10 per 500 additional SMS messages
  • 30 Days Free
  • Unlimited emails at no charge
  • Unlimited keywords
  • Unlimited email blasts
  • Unlimited campaigns and follow-ups
  • Unlimited email blasts
  • 2-way messaging
  • Integrated with Giving

Getting people’s attention is hard. Tithely Messaging can help.

Click to download our product guide and learn how Tithely Messaging can help broaden your reach and engage and drive action like never before using texts and emails. Mass text messaging for churches can live side by side with mass email.

messaging book mockup

Questions about

For more questions, visit our FAQ page

What other church software tools does offer?

Tithely has a full suite of church software tools to help your church thrive and grow, including:

  • Digital Giving - Tithely offers online giving, text message giving, and even a church giving app to help you increase generosity at your church by making digital church tithes easy
  • Giving App -  This free Tithely app is a church tithing app to help make mobile tithing easy for your members
  • Custom Church Apps - If your church needs a more robust app beyond our free church tithe app, check out our custom church apps
  • Website Builder - Our user-friendly church website builder makes it easy for any church to design a beautiful and engaging website in minutes
  • Church Management Software (ChMS) - Manage your database of people, offer online giving, manage events and volunteers, check in children, and more

What are the fees associated with Messaging?

For All-Access customers, there is no monthly fee. Outbound text (SMS) messages are $10 per 500 text message credits after the first 500 messages per month. Email messages are free.

If you do not have the All-Access plan, you will pay a $19 monthly fee and then $10 per 500 outbound SMS/text message credits after your initial 500 included messages are used, and email messages are free.

Visit to learn more about pricing.

Can people text a keyword to our Messaging number, and automatically be added to a list?

Yes! You can set up specific keywords that your members or guests can text. This will trigger a response where people can update their contact info, be added to a list, and even trigger a follow-up sequence. For example, if a guest at your church texted the word 'NEW,' the system could add them to a list called "Visitors" and start an automatic follow-up sequence that you setup which begins to engage the guest.

Can I import an existing contact list from ChMS or another service?

Yes! We will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to import contact lists from ChMS and other services.

Am I charged for messages that contacts send to my church?

If someone sends a text message to the church, the message does not count against your allotted amount. Costs are only associated with outgoing messages you send to people in your contact list.

How do I know if a recipient has received a message?

You are able to tell that a message has been received successfully by the small green 'sent ✓' next to the message.

How do I send messages to multiple contacts at the same time, or to a list of people?

Using the Tithely text blast software service as a church leader, church staff, pastor, of volunteer, you can create and send follow-ups to lists of people or you can send a mass message (eg. text blasts) to your entire database.

How do I make someone an admin?

There are two ways to make someone an admin. If you are adding a new contact, once you have filled in all of the contact information, click the checkbox next to 'Set as admin' before adding the new contact. If a contact already exists, simply edit the contact information and click the checkbox next to 'Set as admin' before saving changes.

Can we use our church domain for our Messaging email address?

The text messaging service does not support custom domains, but you are able to use your church name with the domain (i.e.

Can I use a local number for Messaging?

You are not able to use a local number for the texting service. Due to the nature of sending church SMS blasts via an SMS platform, standard local numbers are not a good fit to use in Messaging. 800 numbers are authorized to send SMS messages to large groups of people, whereas local numbers are often flagged as spam when they send to multiple recipients at one time.

Can Messaging use an existing phone number?

You are not able to use an existing phone number for Messaging at this time, but our team will be exploring the possibility of using existing numbers in the future.

How do I setup a Messaging phone number and email address?

Once you've signed up for Messaging and have added your payment method or an active subscription has been found, you will be directed to the church SMS settings page where you'll then be able to add an 800 number, unique to your church, and an email address that people will use to send and receive messages.

Can I use Messaging on a mobile device?

Yes, Messaging is compatible with all mobile devices via any mobile browser.

Can I use Messaging outside the United States? Messaging email functionality is currently available to customers within the United States, Canada, and Australia. SMS text messages are currently only available in the United States and Canada. Our team is actively working to make Messaging available in additional countries.

How long can a text message be?

The character limit for a single text message is 160 characters. When you send a text message over 160 characters, the messages will be split.

Large messages are segmented into 153 character segments, sent individually, and then rebuilt by the recipient's device. For example, a 161 character message will be sent as two messages, one with 153 characters and the second with 8 characters.

Do my 500 included messages roll over?

No, at the start of each billing period your 500 included messages will reset.

How Much Does it Cost to Use Messaging?

There are no contracts and no sign-up fees involved in getting started with Tithely Messaging. You simply pay $19 per month or if you've signed up for Tithely All Access, you pay no monthly fee. Each month, your first 500 messages are included and after that you will be billed $10 for each block of 500 messages sent per month. There is no additional cost for sending email, even HTML and design driven email newsletters. Tithely's text blast service is built to be cost effective and scale with your church or ministry.

What is Messaging? Messaging is a church text messaging software and email newsletter tool packed in one simple to use solution.'s church communication software solution allows churches to easily communicate with visitors, congregation members, volunteers, staff, and regular attenders through and easy to use text messaging service and email newsletter tool. Messaging provides the ability to store contact information, send a text or email directly, create lists, send follow-ups, and so much more.