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Give your church members the tools to partner with you in meeting a long-term goal like raising money for a new building.

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Why use an Online Pledge Platform?

Pledge Campaigns allow donors to commit to a long term giving goal. Increase generosity, plan ahead more effectively, and accomplish big goals.

Next-level marketing and fundraising insight for churches

Pledge Campaigns give you all the tools you need to make sure your campaign is a success.

Customize your donation landing page

Customizable Pledge Landing Pages make it simple to build a modern-looking landing page in minutes. You choose the branding and styling of your page, your URL, and what content is displayed on your landing page. Show a Featured Video, Share Option, Banner, and more…or keep it simple with a banner image and description.

Monitor risk levels on a dashboard…and take action

Our Risk Level tool gives you detailed insight into the risk level of losing individual donors based on their commitment level and donation activity. It also helps you to take action. If a donor is high risk, for example, we’ll give you the tools to reach out immediately. Risk Level is designed to help you retain and follow up with donors…meaning a more successful campaign with less churn.

View pledge campaign analytics

Get a birds eye view of the progress of your Pledge Campaign directly in your Dashboard. A progress bar shows your admins how much has been given towards the goal and how much is left. You can also choose to have analytics sent in custom email reports on a daily or weekly basis...or, you can opt out of these emails entirely.

Engage your donor community

Make sure donors feel appreciated, and thank them after they’ve created a Pledge Plan. You can customize a Thank You message that appears on the webpage after they have set up a pledge.You can also set up an automated Thank You email (a New Pledge Email) that goes to all new pledgers.

Make payment flexible

Already started a giving campaign? Start using Pledge in the middle of an existing giving campaign and integrate past gifts into a new Pledge Campaign. Pledge Campaigns can intelligently detect gifts made through other tools (like the Giving Form or Giving App) and put them toward a Pledge Campaign.

Run Multiple Pledge Campaigns

You can run more than one Pledge Campaign at once. Manage the status of specific campaigns from your Dashboard with options for setting a start date in the future or keeping a campaign as a Draft to use later. You can also duplicate past campaigns if you re-run a similar campaign every year.

Prioritize security

Pledge Campaigns run on’s safe and secure platform, meaning we meet the highest industry standards for data encryption and privacy laws. In other words, your donors can rest easy knowing that their information is safe and secure.

Pledge without payments

Donors can make one-time gifts towards a Pledge Campaign, or give with a cash/check. 

2.9% + $0.30 / transaction

Get started for free.

No setup fee. No monthly fee. No contract. No credit card required!


No credit card required. Cancel anytime.

It’s easy.

Pledge Campaigns make radical generosity easy for everyone.

For Churches

  1. Select Pledge Campaigns from the Giving section in your Dashboard
  2. Click New Campaign
  3. Enter in all the details
  4. Click Continue to Details, where you’ll be taken to your Pledge Dashboard–everything you need to manage and monitor your campaign
  5. Set a start date for your campaign
  6. Enable the campaign and push it live!

For Donors

  1. Enter a pledge amount, donation frequency, and a start date
  2. A Pledge Plan is automatically generated
  3. Click “Create My Pledge,” and you’re all set!

Donors: After Pledging, you can manage your pledge commitment in your own personal Pledge Dashboard. Edit, skip, or change your custom pledge amount in seconds. 


$0/month + 2.9% + $0.30 / transaction

No setup fee. No monthly fee. No contract. No credit card required!

Grow Giving with Tithely!

Giving to your church should be meaningful, simple and fast. That’s why Tithely built a complete set of digital giving tools for your church. Download our product guide to see all the many ways we can help!


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