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Engage New Vistors After Christmas with Live Streaming

Engaging people after Christmas with livestreaming is a great way to contiue to reach visitors with the Gospel of Jesus even if they don't want to come back right away.

Engage New Vistors After Christmas with Live Streaming

Christmas is such a wonderful season for so many reasons. 

It’s special from a personal devotional level for every believer and it’s always fun to participate in the long list of family traditions and parties that happen around this time of year. 

As far as ministry is concerned, the holidays are one of the best occasions to connect with unchurched folks in your community and help them get to know your congregation from that point onward... and offering them a way to engage with you through a live streamed church service is a great starting point.

Tell People to Stay Home

But as you know, a significant amount of your surrounding community only attends church on Christmas Eve and Easter. With that in mind, one of the most effective ways to drive first time engagement with your ministry outside of holidays and special occasions is to invite your visitors to stay at home.

That's right ... invite people to stay home.

Offer Online Church via Live Streaming

If the men and women in your communities don’t feel comfortable and aren’t interested in attending your church on a non-holiday Sunday, then why not give this group of people an alternative. Try a new strategy where you choose to invite people to check out your church online through live streaming. Even if they’re not free on Sunday mornings, inviting them to check out your archived services at their convenience.

Use Live Streaming to Reach Hearts and Bring to Live Service

God’s Word is efficacious and inviting “C & E Christians” to interact with God’s Word online through live streaming is a wonderful way for God to get a hold of their hearts. After tuning in and watching a few of your broadcasts you’ll likely discover a number of visitors back in your doors in the early months of 2018 intrigued to go beyond the live stream and get to know you in person.

If you’re interested in looking into live streaming for the first time, check out’s new streaming solution made possible through their partnership with Boxcast here. Merry Christmas and Happy Streaming!


Engage New Vistors After Christmas with Live Streaming