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About Tithely

When Tithely CEO Dean Sweetman walked into a Starbucks one morning in 2012 to order a latte, he never dreamed that the visit would be the start of Tithe.ly.

After using Starbucks’ new mobile ordering system for the first time, Dean had an idea. If I can use my smartphone to order a coffee, why can’t I use my smartphone to give to church?

This simple question was the beginning of Tithely. Dean’s son Barnabas developed the first version of Tithely in 6 months, and Dean launched the mobile app to the church he pastored in Atlanta.
But it wasn’t until 2014 that Tithely began to take off. Dean teamed up with Frank Barry and Steve Klein to bring Tithe.ly to a wider audience of churches.

Fast forward 8 years, a global pandemic, and a few company mergers later, and Tithely now serves over 37,000 churches worldwide. Our core mission has always remained the same: To serve the Church and advance the Kingdom of God with simple, effective, and affordable church technology.

Meet the Team

Tithe.ly is made up of a diverse, passionate, and fully remote team of nearly 200 people dedicated to empowering the local church with the technology it needs to fulfill its mission.

Executive Team

Dean Sweetman

Chief Executive Officer / Co-Founder

Frank Barry

Chief Operating Officer / Founding Team

John Powers

Chief Financial Officer
Leadership Team

Ben Sinclair

Director of Information Security

Christian Helvin

Director of Engineering

Daniel Irmler

VP of Product & Engineering

Dave Fletcher

Director of Sales

Joshua Greenfield

Director of Customer Success & Operations

Julie Schweihofer

VP of Operations

Justin Dean

Director of Marketing

Martha Laundroche


Shirin Fletcher

VP of Customer Experience

Careers at Tithely

Tithe.ly is always looking for people who love the church, love people, and enjoy serving both through church technology. Learn about open positions at Tithely and visit the Careers page if you’re interested in joining the team.

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