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Church App: Engage Your Audience on the Go, Build Connection giving + a church app packed with engagement and communication features!

Easy-To-Manage Church App Ready in Minutes!

Our Automatic Church App Builder means you can get your new church app set up in minutes! With a Tithely Church App, you can easily engage with the community you’ve worked so hard to build and serve. Enable members to take interactive sermon notes, listen to messages on the go, access small group material, check the prayer list, engage with your real time church newsfeed, give a donation, and much more. Creating a church app has never been easier.

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Built for You

Automatic App Builder

With our Automatic App Builder, building your church app is easy. Simply input your church website and logo into our builder, choose a modern app layout - and voilà! Your app is built automatically in less than a minute.

Easy to Manage

Easy to manage

Your time is precious so we build custom church apps that work with your existing media, content, and web services, while reducing duplication. That way your administrative duties don't increase.

Built-in bible and prayer wall

Built-in Bible and prayer wall

Our church apps make it simple for users to read the bible and take notes, submit prayers, and show support in order to keep the body of believers connected.

Sermon, podcast and media player

Sermons, podcasts
& media player

Give members and guests the ability to easily engage with your sermons, podcasts, and videos while on the go via the church app native media player!

Mass and group push notifications

Push notifications

Send push notifications with weekly scripture readings, encourage giving, remind members about important events, celebrate baptisms, encourage volunteerism, and much more.

QuickGive™ in-app mobile giving

QuickGive™ in-app
mobile giving

Giving is a spiritual discipline, but it shouldn’t take forever. With QuickGive™ members can give in seconds with two-taps.

Custom Branding Example
Custom Branding Example
Custom Branding Example
Custom Branding Example
Custom Branding Example
Custom Branding Example

Custom Branding
and Layout Configurations

Tailor your church app to match the unique brand and style you’ve built. From simply adding your logo and colors, to customizing the home screen, menu options, features, and much more. The church app allows you to communicate who you are as a church!


Groups & Chat Inside Your Custom Church App

Now you can manage small groups, ministry leaders, staff, or any other group right from your custom church app. Your people can join groups, get more info on groups that interest them, and chat with others in their groups right from the app.

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Custom Branding Example
Custom Branding Example
Custom Branding Example

Interactive Social and Church Content Newsfeed

The most popular apps in the world offer an aggregated newsfeed that allows users quick and easy access to your content. Your church app should be no different!  Make your content easy to discover and interact with by consolidating it all into an easy to use, intuitive, and delightful social newsfeed.

Custom Branding Example
Custom Branding Example
Custom Branding Example
Custom Branding Example
Sermon Media Player

Sermon, Media, Podcast, and Audio Player


Amplify your message beyond the sanctuary and make it possible for people to connect with your lessons while on the go. The church app by allows you to deliver rich video and audio content right into the hands of your members so they can engage at just the right time and place to meet their needs.

Interactive Sermon Notes

With's interactive sermon notes, your audience has the ability to fill in the blanks, enter free-form notes, take polls, and more. These notes make it incredibly easy to follow along with your content and save it for later!

Prayer Wall and Bible
Push Notifications

Push Notifications and Dedicated
In-App Inbox

Send a personalized message to your community instantly! Push notifications are a great way to connect with members throughout the week, share useful information, and inspire spiritual growth. Effective use of them has proven to drive over 171% increase in app engagement!  

One-Tap Mobile Giving

Traditionally, giving on phones and tablets can be frustrating. Nobody likes poking at their screens to type long card numbers, addresses, and other unnecessary information. enables your members to save their details and give with a single tap. Once they have an account they can give and tithe through the mobile app, on your website, or through a text message!

Give with one-tap on your iPhone or Android phone. You won’t find a more simple and effortless giving app on the market!

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1-Tap Mobile Giving

Prayer Wall and Bible

Give members, friends, family, visitors and your community the ability to read the bible and submit prayers directly in the church app so that your church can encourage one another. 

Prayer Wall and Bible
Sermon Media Player

Events Calendar and Church Bulletin

Make sure your community never misses a beat! Publish a digital bulletin to keep people informed and allow people to browse the calendar for activities and events. From Vacation Bible School, to service and volunteering, to weekend services, make it easy for members to find ways to engage. In addition to viewing, users can share events and bulletins, add them to personal calendars, register, and more.

Photos & Videos

You know the saying, "a photo's worth a thousand words." In today's social media world, a photo may be worth a million words, but a video is worth a billion! We've made it simple for you to integrate Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo, or add your own photos or videos.

Prayer Wall and Bible
Sermon Media Player


Keep your community connected by integrating your blog, articles, Bible studies, and devotions directly into your church mobile app. 

Social Media Integration

Connect Facebook and Instagram to bring all of your social media activity into one place within the church app.

Sermon Media Player


Personalized user profiles’s Church App allows users and admins to create personalized profiles with a profile image, contact information, and view giving history, which will personalize your connection with your church community.

Sermon Media Player Logo

Engage with your church community no matter where they are. Get started with Tithely Apps today.

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Engage with your church every day of the week.

Click to download our PDF Product Guide and learn how a custom Tithely Church App can help you stay in contact with your church throughout the week!


Questions about
Church Apps

For more questions, visit our FAQ page

Can I cancel my monthly subscription? Custom Church Apps cost only $89 per month, but do not come with lengthy contracts or long term commitments. You can cancel any time without penalty.

How do I manage and update my app?

Managing and updating your app is simple! Once your app is published, you will have access to your Church App Dashboard which is accessible 24/7 via a web browser and Internet connection. The Church App Dashboard is where you control all of your content and have full access to your app settings.

What can I do with my church app?’s Church App allows you to create a church app packed with amazing features such as: sermon audio and video, blogs, daily devotional, events, Sunday bulletins, newsletters, online giving, and more! You can share, connect, and socialize through the church app, as well as provide a map and driving directions. Don't forget we also allow for push notifications, too!

How does my mobile app get built?

We made it easy! You complete a church app design questionnaire, we build a draft app based on your input, and then we review with you and your team. You'll be able to see what your app looks like using the App Preview which allows you to put the app on your phone before it's live in the app store. Once we've dialed it all in and get your approval, we'll publish to the Apple and Google app stores! Your app will be live about 7-10 business days from that point.

What is the newsfeed?

The Tithely app newsfeed is a native in-app screen that aggregates much of your church content such as events, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, blog posts, sermons and media, and push notifications. All this content is brought into a "newsfeed" that is similar to Facebook so that it's simple for your audience to discover and interact with all the activities your church has going on.

Can people download sermons to their phone?

Yes, your audience can download sermons and other media directly to their smartphone or tablet and play them without needing an internet connection or cell service. Meaning, people can listen to your sermons, bible studies, or podcasts while on their morning jog, camping in the woods or while they enjoy a cup of coffee at the local coffee house.

How long does it take to launch?

The general answer is 30-60 days, but there are a number of things that can make this go faster or slower. It's our goal to get your new church app live ASAP!

How much is a custom church app?

Our apps for churches have no contracts or long term commitments and costs only $89 per month.