[New Resource] FREE Sermon Series on Generosity

Download a FREE sermon series on generosity.

[New Resource] FREE Sermon Series on Generosity

Jesse Wisnewski

As a church leader, talking about money isn't easy.

For many pastors (maybe you?), the thought of preaching a sermon on generosity can stress you out.

You know:

  • People are struggling financially
  • Some are uncomfortable with the topic
  • Others assume you have a hidden agenda
  • A few people will want to argue with you

What’s the moral of the story?

Many church leaders avoid sermons on giving and generosity because they’ll get a browbeating. Or maybe they just don't know how to write an effective sermon on the topic?

If this you, hang tight.

Before you make the mistake of not talking about money, we want to help.

FREE sermon series on generosity

At Tithe.ly, we talk to many church leaders about giving and generosity.

Many of the pastors and church staff we talk to need help inspiring their church to live a generous life.

The desire of these leaders isn’t to become rich, pay for a summer vacation, or increase their church’s budget.

Far from it.

Like you, these church leaders desire their church to be more like Jesus—who is the most generous person who ever lived. To help people become generous like Jesus, you’ll have to talk about tithing in the Bible, money, and stewardship.

Not sure where to start?

Need help putting together a sermon series?

No sweat.

We’ve got you covered.

To help you talk about money and unleash generosity in your church, we put together a four-week sermon series on giving and generosity.

In this sermon series, you’ll get for FREE:

  • Sermon talking points
  • Sermon illustrations
  • Sermon video bumper
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Small group questions
  • Complete graphic bundle (digital and print)

I want to make sure you read the fine print:

This sermon series is FREE.

There are no catches.

There are no hidden fees.

Even if you don’t use our services as a church, this sermon series will help you inspire your church to live a generous life.

Ready to get started?

Click the image below to download this sermon series for free:

[New Resource] FREE Sermon Series on Generosity

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[New Resource] FREE Sermon Series on Generosity