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Church Offering Talks: 52 Prompts for Every Occasion

Fill your church offering talks with inspiration and reverence by using these 52 pre-written giving moment prompts.
Dean Sweetman

Your church offering can be inspiring and reverent.

Don't worry about what to say during your church's offering.

A giving talk is a short moment used to set up the offering moment during a church service. It combines inspiration and instruction, and helps people connect the dots. A giving talk is 2 - 5 of the most important minutes in every church service, because these minutes fund the work of the church.

Regardless of your church’s denomination, tradition, or location, there’s likely a moment during your worship service when you talk about money during church in order to receive tithes and offerings. Every weekend, you send someone up on stage to make the announcements and talk about the offering. Talking about money in church is notoriously uncomfortable.

But here’s the deal: Your church offering can (and should) be inspiring and reverent. After all, you’re giving people an opportunity to trust God with their finances and to participate in God’s work in the church. In Church Offering Talks, we’re going to help you make the most of these opportunities.

Inside, you’ll receive:

✅. 11 tips for improving your church offering talks

✅. 52 pre-written offering talks and prompts for every occasion

We hope these offering talk resources help you effectively teach generosity despite the awkwardness that comes with it.