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Tithe.ly continues to rate high on all consumer review sites like Trust Pilot and Capterra. Don't just take our word for it. Read and watch the reviews below and you too will see why over 37,000 churches love Tithe.ly.

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In addition to reading the great Tithe.ly reviews below, watch these success stories from churches who have grown giving and engagement by using Tithe.ly products.

Tithely reviews

See why over 37,000 churches love Tithely

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St Paul Lutheran Church
St Paul Lutheran Church

I am very impressed at the simplicity and intuitiveness of the modules and how they all are in sync. Thank you for providing a one-stop solution to church management.

Administrative Assistant
San Francisco House Church
San Francisco House Church

I am totally impressed with the results we've attained from Tithe.ly. Thank you.

Paul Chacon
Dennis Choy
Saddleback Church

"Love love love Tithe.ly and team. So great and attentive to our needs. AND Things just work. Giving is so easy."

Production Director
Restoration Church
Restoration Church

Our church started with elvanto and Tithe.ly separate years ago, as we were a small church starting out. Had no idea about any of the softwares and online giving platforms, then separately we found them. Few years go by and they join forces which was great because both platforms are perfect for churches of all sizes. We share the now Tithe.ly platform with the churches of all sizes in our area because we know what it can do for the churches no matter the circumstance/size/or budget!!!

Raleigh City Church
Raleigh City Church

I am a bi-vocational pastor. Tithe.ly has been a blessing saving me time and head space. both of which i'm always short on.

Radiant Life Church of Lodi
Radiant Life Church of Lodi

Tithe.ly has proven to be a simple and effective tool for electronic giving.

Robert T.
Lead Pastor


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How Tithely Helped Encounter Church Reduce Their $30,000 A Year Expenses To Under $120

Discover how Tithely empowered Encounter Church's mission and enabled them to thrive as a digitally enabled faith community.

How Elvanto Helps North River Church Engage & Pastor Their People Better

It could be easy to fall through the cracks in a 1,000+-person church like North River Church of Christ in Marietta, GA.But according to North River’s worship leader and media manager Chase Mackintosh, “shepherding the flock” is arguably the most important part of leading a church.

Canvas Church Raises $250k in 9 Weeks with Tithe.ly

To get their dream church building, Canvas Church needed to raise a quarter of a million dollars in 9 weeks. Could they do it with Tithe.ly's help?

How Tithe.ly Helped Northgate Church Raise $350k for Their Homeless Ministry

When a $100k repair estimation more than tripled to a $350k bill, Pastor Evan Allnutt knew they needed not just a miracle, but a tool. 

How Tithe.ly Helped Limitless Church Raise Funds for a New Building

Limitless Church is a new church plant with a vision to see revival in their community of Woodland, California. Four months into the plant, lead pastor Keenen Worell sensed that God was leading them to get their own building–but the task quickly became overwhelming. “I had given up,” says Keenen. 

How Tithe.ly Helped Alive Church Build a Branded Church App–and Save Nearly $25,000

Alive Church is a thriving church in Tucson, Arizona. With ministries catering to every age and a robust vision to see men and women from all walks of life find their purpose, Alive Church focuses on community and connection. That’s a core reason that a church app has been so vital to their success. But when Alive Church wanted to build a better, more custom app, a developer told them it would cost $25,000. 

How Tithe.ly Helped a New Church Plant Thrive in 2020

Planting a new church is an exciting–and complex–process. Building community, choosing a place to gather, and offering support to a new church can be deeply fulfilling and challenging. Communication, logistics, and healthy discipleship are just three critical pieces of the church-planting puzzle. Add 2020 into the mix, and you’ve got a formidable task.