How Tithely Helped Encounter Church Reduce Their $30,000 A Year Expenses To Under $120

Discover how Tithely empowered Encounter Church's mission and enabled them to thrive as a digitally enabled faith community.
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Encounter Church , led by Senior Pastor Bishop Gary Oliver and his wife Dr. Noemi Oliver,located in Benbrook,TX, has undergone a remarkable transformation.With Tithely, Encounter Church has not only optimized their administrative processes but also deepened their connection with members, resulting in powerful moments of spiritual growth.

Before implementing Tithely, Encounter Church found themselves caught in a cycle of repetitive expenses, paying for multiple platforms and services that overlapped in functionality. This double-dipping approach was not only costly but also inefficient. 

Tithely provided a solution…The result? Encounter Church reduced their annual expenses from a staggering $30,000 to a mere $99 per month.

Tithely's implementation was smooth and swift, with Encounter Church successfully onboarding the platform within six weeks. Dr. Charisse Newberry, one of the elders at the church, was initially concerned about the learning curve but found Tithely's support team to be exceptional.

Encounter Church recognized the importance of reaching all generations and fostering a sense of community. Tithely's features enabled them to connect with e-members and online attendees, allowing them to submit prayer requests, generate tax statements effortlessly, and engage in personalized group messaging.

Encounter Church has experienced profound spiritual moments and healings since implementing Tithely. Bishop Gary Oliver recounts powerful instances of divine intervention, including the miraculous healing of a church member. Such experiences have strengthened their faith and reinforced their mission to serve not only their congregation but also the broader community.

Tithely has enabled Encounter Church to focus on what matters most: connecting with their members and fostering spiritual growth. With Tithely's unwavering support and commitment to empowering churches, Encounter Church now stands as a shining example of a thriving, digitally enabled faith community.