North Coast Church's Digital Transformation with Tithely

Learn how Tithely helped North Coast Church with their digital transformation.
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North Coast Church is a vibrant, multigenerational church in North San Diego County. With multiple campuses and numerous programs, North Coast has a high need to stay organized–and even more importantly, a high need to stay connected with thousands of members. 

To handle their unique needs as a multi-campus church, North Coast turned to Tithely–both as an all-in-one solution for technology, and an online giving platform. 

“In this day and age, everyone's asking questions like, how can we give online? How can we get our messages online? How can we get our outlines online? How can we do everything in one place with the platform that supports the growing needs of a church?” says Chris Brown, the senior pastor at North Coast. “That’s why we’re using Tithely.”

But Tithely isn’t just an adequate solution for North Coast’s needs–its flexibility and functionality make it ideal.

“One of the things we like best about Tithely is their ability to be flexible,” says Larry Osborne, the lead pastor at North Coast. “It’s like no other company we've worked with. We've said, ‘Hey, we really need this,’ or ‘Can you help us with this?’ And bam, right away they've been on it.”

The ultimate result?

A jump in digital giving and an improvement in their church app.

“They have really helped us not only to make a big jump in digital giving, but they’ve helped our app to be so much better than it was, and we thought we had a great one!” continues Larry.

“We recommend Tithely. We love it.”

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