Transforming Ministry Engagement with A Case Study of New Covenant Church

With a growing community, New Covenant Church needed a digital upgrade from its previous system. Would Tithely be up to the task? We talked to the admittedly “non-tech savvy” Technical Assistant of New Covenant, Stacey Thomas, to find out.
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New Covenant Church, also known as NC Church, is a thriving community of faith in Berwick, Pennsylvania.

Initially starting as a small congregation, the church has grown significantly, now hosting two services with an average attendance of 350 to nearly 400 people every Sunday. 

And, with young–and growing–families, that number only continues to expand rapidly (the kid's ministry alone hosts 40-60 children on some Sundays!)

With a growing community, New Covenant Church needed a digital upgrade from its previous system. Would Tithely be up to the task? We talked to the admittedly “non-tech savvy” Technical Assistant of New Covenant, Stacey Thomas, to find out. 

The Problem: Outdated Tools and New Digital Needs

The pastor of New Covenant has historically managed many of their digital needs, from running the website to setting up the live stream. While they did have a tool to help with their website–Church Dev–the pastor was no longer happy with its capabilities.

“The pastor wanted a newer system that could provide an app and help us modernize various aspects of our church,” explained Stacey. 

In short, New Covenant needed digital tools that could help them meet the needs of a growing congregation…but they needed to be user-friendly.

“When I found Tithely, it seemed to offer all the solutions we needed in one package,” she continued. 

Solution: Tithely All Access

To meet the changing needs of New Covenant, Stacey and staff turned to Tithely’s full suite of digital tools for the church. Tithely All Access includes a website builder, online giving platform, Church App, database management tool, and more. In theory, these tools would be easy to use even for the novice and deliver great results. 

Here are three ways Tithely has helped New Covenant transform their digital approach:

A Brand-New Church Website

“The website we’ve built with Tithely has been above and beyond what we had before,” said Stacey. 

She explained, “it allows us to create a more customized and user-friendly website, and I love the flexibility to update and change content for different seasons.”

But the website isn’t just higher quality; it has also come with amazing customer service. 

“I’ve really appreciated the coaching and support,” said Stacey. “I reach out to the team a couple times a week to ask for help with managing the site.”

The final verdict? Tithely Sites has been a huge win for New Covenant–providing a beautiful, quality site and ongoing support. 

A Brilliant Church App

One of New Covenant’s most pressing needs was a church app that could integrate with their website and serve their church members. 

Tithely Church Apps delivered on both expectations, offering New Covenant a customized app that aligns seamlessly with their new website. 

Plus, the app was a breeze to create. 

“The app was super easy to set up,” said Stacey. 

A Smooth Switch to Tithely Giving

Before switching to Tithely Giving, New Covenant relied on PayPal for receiving online donations. The switch to Tithely means that New Covenant now offers a tailored online giving solution for churches…include the ability to give by text message. 

Plus, the transition from one financial platform to another–a potentially tricky maneuver–went smoothly. 

“That [process] has been pretty flawless as well,” said Stacey. 

A More Digitized Approach = Better Responses & Saved Time

“We’re doing things more digitally because we seem to get a better response from people,” said Stacey. 

“I had a better response from one text message that went out through Tithely than from countless other efforts I’ve made to retrieve information from people,” explained Stacey. 

“Putting things in people’s hands makes a big difference,” she continued. “It has saved time and made processes more efficient.”

Once again, Tithely’s easy-to-use tools have made it possible to create “flawless” systems for Stacey, a self-proclaimed “non-technical” technical assistant. 

“I was not a technical person; I don’t have that background,” said Stacey. “Tithely has beenvery beneficial in allowing me to help my church without needing my pastor’s help or someone to help walk me through it.

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