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The Best Live-Streaming Video Solutions for Churches

Clark Campbell discusses the best video livestream solutions for churches.

The Best Live-Streaming Video Solutions for Churches

I am going to share about a couple of products for the best live stream solutions for churches. These may be personal preferences, but I love these three. 

1. Mevo 

It’s a live stream product that is a camera you set up and use with an iPad or iPhone.

You can set up multiple Mevo cameras because it is small.

It goes on a stand and you can put it in multiple places in your church.

You can literally use an iPhone or an iPad and direct from that small camera. It's really cool and streams right to live stream. You can also plug it into Facebook live and YouTube. A Mevo is a really great tool for churches to at least consider. It is very small and does not take up a lot of space in your church so it is a great option.

2. Youtube 

If you get a  little bit nicer  DSLR camera, just streaming straight to YouTube is always a good choice. YouTube is the place for long form video content and it is phenomenal. Assuie Dave aka Dave Adamson is a great person to watch when it comes to this type of video and how to use it for your church. He's a pastor in Atlanta and an incredible content resource for you so you can learn how to use YouTube for your church live stream. Get a great camera and post your content directly to YouTube. I love it and highly recommend it. 

3. Facebook

The third option, which is a little easier and is more socially interactive, is Facebook. The attention span for people that are using Facebook is a little less than YouTube, but Facebook's algorithms are still pushing that Facebook live video out into your networks. I actually think it's a great tool to use for Facebook groups, not just a Facebook page. If your church has a Facebook group that's more of an internal focus page, you can use Facebook live in that group to do different types of events like pre-service prayer or an afternoon reflection on the sermon. Use Facebook live inside of the page and inside of the group.

Facebook is always a great place to have a dynamic conversation about what you're trying to present that Sunday morning or that Wednesday night or in the middle of the week. One of the best things I've ever done in a church is on Sunday night, our pastor opened up Facebook live to just have conversations with people in the community. It was absolutely incredible to see him interacting with people in the community asking questions about our church and talking to them about Jesus. It was a great way for him to extend his ministry from Sunday morning into the evening sitting at home on Facebook live. I highly recommend Facebook live for things you want to be very conversational in.

To wrap this up, Mevo is a great place to gather and distribute content onto live stream. You can also do that on YouTube and Facebook. Type Mevo into Google and you will find these small cameras. Facebook Live is great for the conversational pieces and getting people actively involved in what you're streaming. YouTube is great for long form content like when you have a series that you want to post. These are all great options that I love and highly recommend. I've used them all and I would recommend them to any pastor.

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Today on Modern Church Leader, Clark Campbell discusses the best video livestream solutions for churches.

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The Best Live-Streaming Video Solutions for Churches