Vino Nuevo Enables Digital Giving with Tithely's Spanish Giving Form

In today's world, Christians possess a remarkable power to make a significant impact and change lives. One crucial aspect of this transformative influence lies in the way churches handle their tithes and offerings. In this Tithely Story, we witness the journey of Vino Nuevo El Paso, a thriving congregation, as they discover the power of Tithely’s digital giving tool, a platform that revolutionizes their giving experience.
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A Language Barrier Overcome

Vino Nuevo El Paso realized that being a bilingual church, catering to their Spanish-speaking members was essential. Unfortunately, their previous giving platform failed to meet their needs. Frustrated by unresponsive support, they found solace when introduced to Tithely’s CEO, Dean Sweetman , and his team. Tithely listened attentively and took immediate action to address the Spanish language requirement. With Tithely, the church experienced a smooth transition, allowing their congregation to give with ease and confidence since the giving form was in their native language.

Embracing Change and Growth

 Vino Nuevo El Paso witnessed remarkable growth, going from a humble gathering in a borrowed church building to a thriving congregation of 2,500 members within two years. As they outgrew various venues, they realized the need for a reliable giving platform. Tithely stepped in, offering more than just a way to collect donations. The platform provided an integrated experience, allowing members to access sermon notes in the custom church app, register for events, and engage with their church community.

Impact Beyond Giving 

Tithely's impact extended beyond seamless giving. Vino Nuevo El Paso utilized Tithely Events for their Women's Conference, enabling efficient registration for over 1,500 women. Moreover, Tithely enabled the church to partner with a Mexican orphanage, Living Hope, by facilitating donations and ensuring 100% of the proceeds reach the cause. Tithely's commitment to supporting their church's goals and aspirations made a significant difference in Vino Nuevo El Paso's endeavors.

A Kingdom-Minded Partnership 

What sets Tithely apart is their unwavering dedication to churches. The team behind Tithely consists of individuals rooted in the church community, fully aware of the challenges faced by congregations. This church-centered approach empowers pastors, executive pastors, and congregation members alike, knowing they have a supportive team behind them.

The story of Vino Nuevo El Paso exemplifies the transformative power of Tithely’s tools in the lives of churches and their communities. With Tithely's innovative solutions and unwavering commitment to their mission, churches can unlock their full potential to change the world. 

By embracing technology and harnessing the power of giving platforms like Tithely, churches can streamline their operations, connect with their congregation, and make a lasting impact beyond their walls. As more churches embrace the digital age, Tithely stands ready to help them navigate the future and fulfill God’s calling.