Tithe.ly Messaging vs Text in Church

Reach more people and connect with first-time guests using Tithe.ly Messaging. A church texting service and email tool built for your church or ministry.

Are you looking to compare Tithe.ly Messaging with Text in Church? That’s a great idea—and we’re here to help!

At first glance, the services might seem similar. Both allow you to send messages to individuals and groups in your church community, and both are designed specifically for churches. But there are a few important things you should know before making this important decision.

1. Tithe.ly Messaging’s pricing is simple and will save your church money up-front and over the long haul.

For example, Tithe.ly’s monthly fee is just $5, and the first 200 messages are included at no additional cost. With Text in Church those same 200 messages will cost you—gulp!—$37!

But what if your church needs more texts per month? Tithe.ly Messaging still saves you money. At just 2.9¢ per text message (after the first 200), 1,000 messages will cost you just $28.20, compared to Text in Church’s $67 price tag.

Even if you end up sending 2,500 texts a month, Tithe.ly still has the competition beat on price—$71.70 versus Text in Church’s $97.

2. Tithe.ly Messaging is integrated with other Tithe.ly products and services.

If you’re already a Tithe.ly customer or in need of a new digital giving solution, Tithe.ly Messaging simply can’t be beat. Update contact information in one application, and your changes flow automatically into other parts of the Tithe.ly ecosystem. That means you’ll never have to worry that you’re texting someone using an out-of-date mobile number.

Standalone products like Text in Church can’t do that, so it will be up to your team to keep tabs on updates and manually enter new information across every system you use. Whew! It’s exhausting just to think about.

Plus, you can pull in content from Tithe.ly Media right into your messages and email blasts, customize your messages with information from your church's database in Tithe.ly People, and more.

And speaking of integration, since you’re shopping for Messaging software, now might be the time to consider Tithe.ly All Access. This one subscription offers all of Tithe.ly’s amazing products—Giving, Sites, Church App, Events, Church Management, and yes, Messaging—for just one, low monthly price.

3. Tithe.ly Messaging has robust email marketing features.

Whether you need to send a weekly email newsletter to inform your church about upcoming events, or stay in touch with your people and volunteers, Tithe.ly Messaging is a robust email platform as well as text messaging service. Create beautiful looking and effective email blasts using easy to use and fully customizable templates that don't require you to be a designer. Most churches using Tithe.ly Messaging find that they dont need additional email platforms like Mailchimp or Constant Contact.

Text in Church doesn't offer these types of robust email features.

4. Tithe.ly Messaging is user-friendly, offering the best experience in the industry.

Our user interface was honed by the knowledge we’ve gained as a leader in the digital church giving space.

At Tithe.ly, our goal is to provide technological solutions that help churches focus on what matters most—making disciples. The less you have to think about your messaging software, the better, so with Tithe.ly Messaging we designed a simple-to-use menu that gets out of your way and lets you get on with the work of ministry.

Final Thought

Both Text in Church and Tithe.ly Messaging will get the job done, but Tithe.ly Messaging has some clear advantages. So, before making your decision, examine your budget and your strategy for messaging. Then choose the product that will work best for you.

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