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Reach more people and connect with first-time guests. Messaging is a texting and email tool you can use to engage your church at any time. 
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Join nearly 30,000 churches and ministries using

Engage and drive action

Automated Campaigns


Text & Email

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Reach more people
Most people prefer texting over phone calls, emails, and direct mail. With Messaging, you can connect with your church community in the way they prefer.
Boost engagement
Don’t worry about your announcements falling on deaf ears. Since 95% of texts are read within three-minutes, you can create awareness for any message or event. 
Connect with first-time guests
Encourage guests to return for another visit or get further involved with your church when you follow up using automated campaigns.

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Inbox keeps your messages organized
Need to find an important message? With Messaging, we make organizing and retrieving emails a cinch.
Creates automated messages
Create personalized, automated emails to follow up with first-time guests, lead people to read the Bible, or participate in a capital campaign.
Emailing with Messaging
Interested in making your life a bit easier? Churches are switching to Messaging to put their church texting and email under one roof to simplify their ministry, save money, and maximize their time.

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200 SMS per month included
2.9¢ per additional SMS
  • 30 Days Free
  • Unlimited emails at no charge
  • Unlimited keywords
  • Unlimited email blasts
  • Unlimited campaigns and follow-ups
  • 2-way messaging
  • Integrated with Giving
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