Product Next: A Summer 2020 Product Launch Event Next is a product launch event where we showcase the latest products, features, and upgrades. Next: A Summer 2020 Product Launch Event

Jesse Wisnewski

The mission of the church doesn’t change. 

But how you fulfill God’s mission does. 

In short, you need to be flexible in how you …

… reach your community …

… connect with first-time guests …

… handle donations … 

… engage your church …

… and a whole lot more. 

Said another way, how your church made disciples yesterday will not necessarily work today or in a different community because people, cultures, and behavior are not static—they change. 

You need to adapt to the way people change. 

Why bring this up? 


At, we don’t just create amazing church technology, set it to the side to collect dust, and never worry about it again. Instead, we’re devoted to serving you and your church by constantly upgrading what we have and building new technology to empower the mission of your church. 

This was the motivation behind Next: A Product Launch Event.

During this event, we unveiled two new products and several significant features and upgrades.

Here's a lowdown on what we released:

  • Messaging
  • Pay
  • Quickbooks Online Integration
  • Check Scanner 
  • Sermon Series feature with App
  • Sites upgrades
  • New transaction and bank deposit reports

If you don't have time to watch the entire event, here’s a quick overview of the goodness we’re sending your way. Messaging

This is the future of church communications. 

Send text blasts or email members. 

Create groups and lists with keyword subscriptions. 

Text one-on-one with members from your dashboard.

Leverage messaging to automatically follow up with first time guests, first time givers, new parents, those new to a small group and more. You dream it up and we'll make follow-up easy!

Click here to get started Pay

It’s time to upgrade the way your church takes payments. Pay is a point of sale (POS) software built just for churches. It integrates seamlessly with your giving deposit reports with Giving. 

From your church foyer to fundraising events, Pay is simple to set up and can be used to take contactless payments anywhere—anytime. 

Click here to sign up for free

Quickbooks Online integration

QuickBooks is a household name for churches (maybe yours?).

Now, you can now easily sync your church's giving account with your QuickBooks Online account. This will save you time transferring information, and ensure your church’s financial records are precise. 

Can I get an amen?

Check Scanner 

When scanning checks, you’ll feel your life get a whole lot easier. 

With this nifty integration, you can quickly scan, reconcile, and remotely deposit checks. 

Say goodbye to hours of administrative time, and hello to Sunday afternoon naps. 

Sermon Series

Don’t you love this? 

With your Church App, you can effortlessly add your church’s sermon series and church members and visitors can download your sermons to their and save their progress for easy pause-and-go listening. Sites upgrades

Love the addition of these new features and integrations.

When it comes to Plan Your Visit, the team has been biting at the bit to make this happen for months. 

With Plan Your Visit, you can turn website browsers into in-person church visitors. This feature makes it easy for people to prepare for their visit, and for you to get ready for their arrival. 

Did you catch the way you can now auto-display testimonies on your church’s website? Show website browsers how God is at work in your church by sharing how he’s changed lives, and then make it easy for people to plan their visit for an upcoming worship service. 

Finally, the team made integrating your church events with Sites and ChMs a snap. This way your church staff and online visitors will always have the most up-to-date information..

New transaction and bank deposit reports

Reporting is essential to managing your church’s finances.

We wanted to make your life easier and your financial reporting clearer, so our team took your feedback and made beautiful updates that will breathe new life into your church’s financial reports.

For starters, we added a “Filter” option. Unlike our previous reporting, you can now “Filter" your reports by group, date, or giver. 

We also added “Columns” to the mix, which makes it easy to rearranging your reporting to showcase the date the way you like to see it. 

Talking about preferences, we added a new feature to our reporting called “Views.” This latest update enables you to toggle between different version of your church financial data. 

Alright, but that’s not all.

[Did you hear cheesy salesman voice come out there?]

The team also made it easy to download .CSV files. 

Okay, one more update for our giving platform. 

For “Bank Deposits,” you can see a basic overview and summary. From the “Overview” in your dashboard, you can see when donated funds will be available, how many donations were made, and the total amount deposited. Next, in your “Summary,” we break down the overview so you can see what funds you created received donations.

When are these updates available?


You can add Messaging and sign up for Pay today. 

As for every new feature and update, those are live now. No need to pay more or do anything else. They're yours. 🙂 

More to come

We’ll roll out a brand new slate of updates and more on November 5, 2020. 

In the meantime, if you have any ideas or requests for updates, feel free to send us feedback through your dashboard, or hit us up at

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