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How Your Church Website Directly Impacts Church Staff

Discover the three tools your church staff needs with your church's website.

How Your Church Website Directly Impacts Church Staff

When it comes to your church website, one of the areas that we don't want to overlook is the ministries themselves.

You often have different leaders or volunteers who are taking care of these ministries, and so we want to make sure that they have areas of the website that really speak to and take care of their vision, their calls to action, the things they need to worry about.

In creating a church website platform, this was an area we saw that we had to put a lot more focus on than you might get from something like a standard, out of the box website, where we were actually able to take some of those needs into consideration.

As you're setting up your website or Anglican church website, you want to make sure that you're giving them all the tools they need to communicate their ministry effectively.

#1. Create events

Some examples of this are giving them the ability to create events right in their section of the site. They still show up in the main events calendar, but we want to feature them if someone clicks into their youth ministry or into the women's ministry. Also to create new stories and announcements, so that they can talk to their specific leaders and people interested in their ministry about the news that matters to them.

#2. Create subpages

The ability to create subpages, so actually getting to set up the structure they want. That might mean having in your kids' ministry a guidelines for parents or food allergies to be aware of or volunteer signup information, whatever it would be. We want ministry leaders to be able to set up all the necessary pages they need to.

#3. Provide permissions for easy access

Another aspect of this that we've actually built right into the Sites platform is permissions, where we can actually allow users to just become leaders of certain sections of the website. We might say, okay, Jeanette is just leading our kids' ministry, and so we tick off her box. When Jeanette logs into the website, she can navigate around the site, it all looks normal, but when she gets to kids' ministry, all the admin and editing capabilities appear for her, so she can now control the content on that site.

Over to you

The heart behind this whole thing is just to empower our leaders, to give them the tools they need to communicate their ministry, and we think Sites does that really well.

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Today on Modern Church Leader, Product Owner Matt Morrison reveals the three tools your church staff needs with your church website.

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How Your Church Website Directly Impacts Church Staff