15 Shocking (and True) Statistics About Church Offerings

Check out these church offering statistic results from a survey we conducted of over 1,000 church leaders.

15 Shocking (and True) Statistics About Church Offerings

Jesse Wisnewski

Your church’s offering is an act of worship.

It's a time for your congregation to respond to God’s grace in their life by giving toward his work in your church.

This act of worship is rooted in the gospel and described and exemplified in both the Old and New Testaments. In fact, the Bible mentions offerings more often than preaching in the Bible.

Not only is the offering an act of worship, but it’s also an ideal time for you to talk with your church about tithing in the Bible. Throughout the year, you’ll have—at a minimum—52 opportunities to help your church understand what the Bible says about money. These small moments can add to up a big influence in your church.

As for your church, how you handle your offering, you may…

Regardless of how your church handles the offering, it is an essential time you can use to help unleash generosity in your church.

To help you maximize this time, we set out to learn more about what church leaders actually think about the offering. We surveyed over 1,000 church leaders from a variety of churches and denominations across the world.

We expected many of the results we received, but we were surprised by a few of the finding. Below are the results of our survey.

Feel free to talk about these findings with your church staff or share it online.

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15 Shocking (and True) Statistics About Church Offerings