4 Practical Ways You Can Help Your Pastor Take a Break

Your pastor may give you the impression that they do not need breaks. But pastors are human. Here are 4 practical ways you can help yours get some rest!

4 Practical Ways You Can Help Your Pastor Take a Break

The summer is a great time for your pastor to rest.

In general, during the summer, church attendance is lower than normal. Many people in your church will go on vacation or a weekend getaway. Also, during the summer, activities in a local church tend to decrease. To a degree, summer relaxation is on everyone’s mind.

Your pastor may give you the impression that they do not need to take a break. In many cases, it may feel easier for them not to. But pastors are human, their schedules and work are exhausting, and they have been created like everyone else with the need for rest.

Here are four practical ways you can help your pastor get some rest this summer.

#1. Take a (real) vacation

Pastors are on call 24-hours a day with little to no additional pastoral support. During a day, a pastor can talk with a couple contemplating divorce, someone interested in joining the church, another person who is struggling with depressing, and everything in between. Their grueling schedule is full of highs and lows; not to mention physical exhaustion.

To help your pastor get rejuvenated, encourage them to take a (real) break. To do this, he or she can leave their phone at home, purchase a TracFone, and give their new number to only a handful of people. Delegate pastoral responsibilities among the staff or volunteers.

#2. Take a preaching break

Preaching is one of the largest burdens pastors carry. The act of preaching is eternally significant, and most pastors spend 10 to 18 hours per week preparing their sermon.

A preaching break is a great opportunity for your pastor to get rest. Taking a break from preaching is also an excellent opportunity for other people within your church to have a chance to preach.

To do this, your pastor does not have to be on vacation. You can give him or her a break from their preaching duties to rest and focus on other facets of the life of the church.

#3. Take a study break

During the week, many pastors will prepare for their sermon. However, many pastors do not have free time to study and read outside of their sermon preparation.

Encourage your pastor to spend time more time studying the Bible and learning. Give them a stipend to buy books and even consider arranging a quiet place for them to study uninterrupted for an extended period.

#4. Take their spouse on a trip

Pastoral life can take significant tolls on marriage, and it is easy to understand why. As mentioned above, pastors are on call 24-hours a day. Pastors will receive calls throughout the day, during dinner, and into the night. These demands can easily interfere with their marriage.

Arrange a trip for your pastor and their spouse. Pay for their lodging and give them money for food and transportation. Many pastors experience financial burdens, so paying for their trip will ease financial concerns and help them to relax.

What practical idea would you add to this list? Share your thoughts in the comments!


4 Practical Ways You Can Help Your Pastor Take a Break