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3 Reasons Why Your Church MUST Offer Online Giving

As a church leader, it's important to pay attention to consumer behavior because it's changing how people give. Check these 3 Tips!

3 Reasons Why Your Church MUST Offer Online Giving

Digital shopping is on the rise, and it will only continue to increase.

As a church leader, this change in consumer behavior is important to be aware of since this increase in online shopping also influences how people make charitable contributions.

Below are three reasons why online giving is a must for your church or nonprofit organization. Remember, don’t just focus on providing digital giving options. But lead the members of your church or organization to give online by reminding them of its availability.

1. Make’s it easy

Providing digital options to give is essential for your church, and this will continue to grow in importance. Consider the following statistic and survey.

As of 2015, two-thirds of Americans owned a smartphone. People use their smartphones daily to carry out many tasks — including banking. Even though you may feel uncomfortable banking or giving with your smartphone, many people in your church don’t mind at all.

What is more, a survey in 2016 of 1,000 consumers discovered “many shoppers have used a device to browse, comparison shop or purchase a product or service.” Many people in your church use their phone to make purchases, which means that they are not only comfortable with buying and giving online, but they prefer to do so.

Meet the people in your church and visiting your worship service where they are at by providing them with the ability to give online.

2. Secure

Here’s an unfortunate reality churches face: Stealing.

In a recent survey conducted by LifeWay Research, one in ten Protestant churches said that someone had stolen money. The two primary reasons why this happens in many local churches is due to their dependency upon volunteers and their lack of systems.

To minimize your church’s risk of embezzlement, lead the people of your church to give online. For many mobile and online giving options, such, donations made through software is as a secure as many of the nation’s leading financial institutes. Also, when people give online, then this means there is less money you need to physically manage.

Giving online is a win for the members of your church as well as your church.

3. Automated giving

Automated giving is an easy way you can encourage regular and reliable donations.

When members of your church are not physically present in your worship service, then they tend not to give. The lack of giving in these situations tends to due to someone’s forgetfulness; not their sinfulness.

At, many churches had reported that a significant portion of their members sign up for automated giving when it was provided as an option. Referring back to the statistics above, many people prefer to automate their banking as well as their giving.

When you give the members of your church the opportunity to automate their giving, then you will be able to make life a bit easier for them and be capable of better forecasting donations.

What benefit of digital giving would you add to this list? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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3 Reasons Why Your Church MUST Offer Online Giving