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Tithe.ly, the simple to use and powerful alternative to Pushpay®. Built for the Church by ministry-minded individuals and pastors. Get a full PushPay review here.

Are you comparing Tithe.ly and Pushpay® (a.k.a., eChurchGiving or eChurch) to figure out which one you are going to use for your church online giving? Or, are you considering switching from Pushpay® to a different church giving platform? Maybe you’re simply looking for PushPay alternatives or a PushPay competitor? If any one of those describes you, then you’re in the right place.   

As you consider your options for online and mobile giving, we want to make the decision as easy as possible for you. So, we’ve put together some info to help you decide which mobile giving app + online giving tool is best for your church.

Below you’ll find the information you need to help you compare Tithe.ly and Pushpay®, including features, customer experiences, Pushpay pricing, and thoughts from current Tithe.ly customers who have made the switch. In short, you'll find that Tithe.ly is a great alternative to PushPay.

(Editor’s Note: We’re obviously biased. But we want to be factual and accurate in our information. So please let us know if we’ve misrepresented anything or if something is incorrect. You can contact us here.)

1. Built by pastors with a ministry-mindset

Tithe.ly was made by pastors and ministry-minded folks to help build the kingdom of God. One of the founders of Tithe.ly was a pastor for 30 years, our lead developer is the worship director at his church, another partner was a youth pastor for four years, and the rest of the employees at Tithe.ly are active in their local church.

At Tithe.ly, we want to help your church or ministry increase giving and generosity so that you can better serve your community and reach the world for Jesus.

2. Low pricing (+ Pushpay® pricing & fees)

We have simple and low pricing. There is NO monthly fee unless you keep text giving after the free trial. If you keep this feature, then you will only pay $19 per month. Per transaction, you only pay 2.9% + $0.30, with discounted rates based on giving volume. Pushpay requires a minimum monthly fee of $199 that can increase to more than  $7,000 a month ($84k+ per year) depending on the size of your church or ministry. Also, your monthly fees will most likely go up once your contract hits renewal time.

On top of their monthly fees, they also have a per transaction fee that is similar to the rate at Tithe.ly. If you compare prices, you will pay significantly more for Pushpay than you will with Tithe.ly. Tithe.ly is a great PushPay competitor.

You’ll also pay Pushpay fees for chargeback fees, refund fees, deposit rejection fees, PCI fees, etc. Tithe.ly has NO fees for chargebacks, refunds, PCI security, deposits, rejections, or any other miscellaneous fees. Lastly, Pushpay has increased their monthly pricing a few times over the past 18 to 24 months from under $100/mo to now a minimum of $199/mo just to have the platform. Plus, your monthly fees will go up after your initial contract expires. Tithe.ly pricing has stayed the same for nearly four years!

3. No contracts!

You don't have any contracts or long-term commitments with Tithe.ly. That’s right! You have nothing to sign or commitments to make when you choose to use Tithe.ly. You also don't need to sign a contract to get reduced pricing, which is a requirement by Pushpay® if you want to receive a discounted per transaction fees or monthly fees. You’ll be asked to sign a two- to three-year commitment.  Why doesn't Tithe.ly have contracts? Well, we believe that once you start using Tithe.ly, you and your church will love it so much that you won’t want to go anywhere else.

4. Live person launch support

We understand technology is useless sitting on the shelf. We also know that many churches lack the technical know-how or creative staff to realize the full potential of digital-giving tools. That’s why we put a LOT of energy into creating custom launch material for every church that uses Tithe.ly. From slides and printed giving cards, to social media graphics and web-page design, our team will work with you one-on-one to make sure you have everything you need to successfully launch your new giving solutions. And in case you didn’t pick up on it, you will get the phone number and email address of a real person you can call for help at any time.

5. Live in minutes and no merchant account needed

That’s right! It will take you five minutes or less to sign up for Tithe.ly, and you’re live the second you hit the final submit button. No paperwork. No need to create a new merchant account. No 2-3 day waiting period to “go live.” You simply fill out an online form in minutes and voilà—you’re live!

6. Six ways to give 

Tithe.ly gives you six ways to give: mobile giving app (iOS & Android), text-to-give, online giving, kiosk giving, and admin gift entry. We focus on making each of these tools awesome so that you can have best-in-class giving for your members. Our goal is to help you offer many ways your members can give so that they can pick the one that suits them best.

  • Mobile Giving App – iPhone or Android? We’ve got you covered. Download the Tithe.ly church giving app from either app store. The app allows users to store their debit/credit card information, see their giving history, manage their account info, set up recurring giving, and more. We provide you with true frictionless giving in seconds! Find out more about mobile giving in this handy guide.
  • Text-to-Give – True in-text giving. Meaning, your church can give money directly through a text message, not through a link someone receives in a text that will take them to a new website.
  • Online Giving – Instead of redirecting you to a third-party page (e.g., Leading people OFF of your church’s website) that could cause mistrust or confusion for people who donate, we keep givers right on your site with the Tithe.ly online giving form.
  • Check Scanning - Save your team time and stress when it comes to depositing checks. At Tithe.ly, you can use a check scanner to quickly scan, reconcile, and remotely deposit checks.
  • Kiosk – Load up the Tithe.ly dedicated giving kiosk app on any iPad, Android, or Windows tablet and voil, you have a giving kiosk in any location you need. Plus, Tithe.ly has taken extra precautions to ensure giver data is secure and that people can’t give with someone else’s account.
  • Admin Gift Entry – Tithe.ly allows administrators to quickly and easily enter gifts that were written on envelopes or by other means with a single gift or batch gift-entry options. The admin gift entry tool allows you to pull up member records and autofill 90% of their information, so all they have to do is enter the gift amount!

7. Church branding

Everything we share with those who use our products is about giving and ministry–not “paying.” What is more, we will soon place more control in the hands of churches who use our product by allowing you to customize the design of the platform to match your church brand.

8. Innovation in support of ministry

We’re technologists who love building products that encourage giving and generosity. Here are a few of the innovative features we’ve built into our product that you will not find in any other church giving system.

  • Flexible deposits – We can deposit funds into your bank account on any day of the week. It’s your choice. We can deposit funds daily, weekly, or monthly based on your preference.
  • “Cover the Fees™” – We give “givers” the ability to offset the cost of their donation. It’s called “cover the fees,” which is a feature that no other giving provider offers to churches.
  • Instant ACH™ – Tithe.ly Instant ACH™ allows users to set up ACH without having to remember a check or their bank account and routing number. They can log in and authenticate their bank account in seconds!
  • QuickGive™ – Tithe.ly QuickGive™ allows users to give directly inside of our giving app. It’s the fastest mobile-giving experience you’ve ever seen!
  • Automated Recurring Giving – Allow members to easily set up weekly or monthly automated recurring giving.
  • Auto credit card updater and recurring gift failure reminders – The Tithe.ly platform will automatically update credit card details without your donors having to do a thing. We also send email notifications to any donors who had a recurring gift fail after trying six times to complete the transaction.  
  • ChMS database integration – With Tithe.ly, you will receive automated integrations with ROCK RMS, Shelby v5 and Arena, Elvanto, Church Community Builder (CCB), FaithTeams, Breeze, FellowshipOne (F1), with many more on the way. ACS, Planning Center (PCO), QuickBooks, and more are planned to be included.
  • Custom statement descriptor – Churches can insert the name of their church so that donors can see their church name on their credit card statement.
  • Personal fundraising – Raise funds for missionaries, special projects, and more with a dedicated URL people can send to their friends and family in an email or share on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Tithe.ly Pledge™ – If your church runs yearly pledge campaigns, building funds, capital campaigns, or any other sort of fundraiser, then Tithe.ly Pledge is the right tool for you. Allow your givers to set up a pledge amount, set a timeframe, and even autopay their pledge!
  • International coverage – Tithe.ly currently supports churches in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom (UK), Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Japan.

9. Real-time reporting and transaction-level transparency

We give you full visibility into how much you’ve raised through our platform with the associated Tithe.ly fees for every transaction in real-time! No monthly statements to sort out. No guessing. No complication. We provide complete transparency for every penny donated so that you know exactly how much you raised, what fees Tithe.ly charged, and how much was deposited into your bank account at the transaction and deposit level. 

Through our detailed reporting and financial dashboard, all you have to do is log in to see everything whenever you’d like. On top of providing transaction-level transparency, we make deposit reconciliation a snap by showing you every deposit. Each deposit report will give you the Tithe.ly fees, the total amount deposited, the number of gifts, amounts deposited by fund, and detail for every transaction included in the deposit.

10. International church and ministry support

Tithe.ly is the world’s largest global giving provider for churches and ministries. We support churches in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, and Japan. If you lead a church in any of these countries, then you can use Tithe.ly’s giving tools to raise money. We’re focused on helping churches and ministries all around the world raise the funds they need to support the work of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Final thought

Pushpay® is a great product. But it’s not the right fit for every church due to Pushpay® pricing being higher overall, potential locked-in contracts, and significant monthly platform fees. Be sure your church is evaluating all of your options and making the right choice for your congregation!

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