[NEW RESOURCE] Unleash Generosity: 7 Steps to Increase Giving This Month

Does your church financial situation keep you awake at night? Need help raising additional funds? Download "Unleash Generosity" to increase giving this month.

[NEW RESOURCE] Unleash Generosity: 7 Steps to Increase Giving This Month

Most people don’t tithe.

That isn’t a judgment—just an observation.

A five-year study that culminated in 2013 revealed that “only 10-25 percent of the families in the church [tithe].” Looking at this from another perspective, out of the 247 million U.S. citizens who claim to be Christians, only 1.5 million tithe. If you’re doing that math, that’s less than 1%.

The number of people who tithe in your church may differ from the national averages. But probably not by much.

Now think about this:

  • What if every member of your church tithed?
  • Or, what if the number of people in your church who tithed were to double, triple, or quadruple?

Think about the difference your church could make if your congregation’s giving increased (and increasing online giving).

Imagine how many people you could reach with the gospel. Envision the number of people in your community you could feed, clothe, or provide with job training. Dream about the number of missionaries you could fully support.

As you consider God’s call upon your church, here’s something we want you to hear loud and clear: God will provide you with the financial resources your church needs to fulfill his call. In the words of Nelson Searcy, the author of Maximize, “Every dollar you need to do ministry is in the pockets of your people.”

To help you increase giving and grow your church, we’re going to walk you through the steps you need to take to Unleash Generosity. Here’s a sample of what we’re going to cover:

  • Learn where to start when it comes to changing your thinking about giving and the church
  • Take the pressure off by realizing God doesn’t need your money
  • Embrace the truth that talking about money in church doesn’t have to be uncomfortable
  • Explore the different types of givers in your church—and how to move each type toward their next step
  • Take action to make giving easier for every person in your congregation
  • Work on responding to your church’s generosity in the right way

At the end of every section, we’ll provide you with one key takeaway and a few questions for reflection. You can read this entire eBook in 15 minutes or less, but we encourage you to take your time and work on the reflection questions in order to apply what you’re learning.

We pray this resource is an encouragement for you and your church, and that you are equipped with the principles you need to unleash generosity in your church so you can share the love of Jesus Christ with more people in your community and around the world.

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Unleash Generosity: 7 Steps to Increase Giving This Month

[NEW RESOURCE] Unleash Generosity: 7 Steps to Increase Giving This Month