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Unleash Generosity: 7 Steps to Increase Giving This Month

Supercharge giving in your church with this 7-step guide.
Jesse Wisnewski
Marketing Director
Dean Sweetman

God will provide you with the financial resources your church needs to fulfill his call.

Pastor, are these questions keeping you awake at night?

* Why don't my members give more?

* What am I not doing that would compel them to give more?

* What don't I get about my church?

* Am I somehow keeping them from giving?

Inside you will discover:

* The 5-fold foundation for giving every church must have in place

* 2 quick (and essential) steps for turning non-givers into givers

* 2 fast ways for transforming sporadic givers into regular givers

* The 4 “must-have technologies” for growing giving today

* How to install “systematic gratitude” that unleashes giving

Don’t toss and turn at night.

Get your free guide and unleash giving in your church this month.