[Product Update] Your Giving Tools Are Getting a Massive Upgrade

Check out these 5 stunning updates to Giving.

[Product Update] Your Giving Tools Are Getting a Massive Upgrade

Paul Maxwell

Your church wants a digital recurring giving solution. 

Your members are already familiar with recurring payments with memberships, box subscriptions, and bills. They want giving to be as easy as possible.

But recurring giving offers you a big payoff as well:

Financial stability.

Giving is no longer dependent on how often people attend church. People want to give, but they aren’t always able to make it every Sunday. Now, your church’s financial stability doesn’t have to hang on every congregant showing up every Sunday. 

But there’s more:

Churches who provide recurring giving often increase giving in their church by a lot. How much? Many times, more than double. And if you choose the right tool (like Giving), you’ll be able to save a ton of money, compared to many other tools that lock you in with a contract and charge you exorbitant fees. 

Check out these updates that make the Giving tool all the better.

1. Make “Recurring Giving” Default

We have added a new option for the giving form "Check The Box If You Would Like To Select Recurring Giving By Default When Somebody Gives." When checked, the form will automatically be set to have the “Recurring” checkbox checked.

Many church members who give through a digital platform want their gift to be recurring—every week, month, or paycheck. It’s often inconvenient when the box is unchecked, and they have to make another donation during the next few weeks in order to initiate a recurring gift. Now, you are able to make the process of setting up a recurring gift seamless and intuitive.

2. More Accessible Recurring Giving Buttons Giving now has a new style of giving form.

This new giving form locates the recurring giving options closer to the top of the form so that members can modify their recurring giving settings more easily. 

3. More transparency with givers

When you click on "Cover Fees," you'll now see an info bubble next to it that will inform donors what the option does.

4. Customizable Member Fields

The label for the Member ID field can now be set to a custom label. Instead of “Member ID” you can put “Church Member Number,” or whatever language reflects your internal communications with your congregation regarding account creation and management.

5. Cover Fee Display Customization

We’ve updated how you display the cover fee option to your giving form.

The two big updates are:

  1. Cover Fees can now be hidden
  2. Cover Fees can now be checked by default

These display options can be managed and set in the Admin area under My Churches>Edit Organization. 


All of these little tweaks add up every month to make your experience of our software much easier. Administrators can more easily customize the giving experience of church members. Church members can more easily customize their own experience. It’s a win-win for everybody.

Enjoy these new Giving features, and use them to continue to do God’s work, grow your church, and reach your community for the kingdom of God!


[Product Update] Your Giving Tools Are Getting a Massive Upgrade