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4 Critical Questions To Ask before Choosing Church Tech

Ensure your tech becomes an asset to your church, not a liability that steals time and money.

4 Critical Questions To Ask before Choosing Church Tech

Paul Maxwell

Church tech can be very confusing.

It can cause controversy on your elder board.

It can confuse your congregation.

Or …

… it can simplify everything.

… it can give you more free time.

… it can make every complex process in your church simple.

How do you make tech a help rather than a hindrance in your church?

Start with how the church relates to people.

Use this motto as a guide:

Don't just do church. Be the church.

But when it comes to administrative duties, as a pastor or leader of the church, sometimes the administrative doing can consume the mission.

This means that ‘being’ the church becomes a to-do that you never get to.

So when it comes to looking into a church management software that can assist you with the day-to-day ‘doings’ of your church, how exactly do you decide what to do and when to do it? Which technology will help your church run more smoothly, but also allow you to be more effective in your role?

To help you along, here are just a few, but important questions to help you find the best technology fit for your church's needs.

#1 ​​Does it align with your vision & values?

Technology can have more of an impact than we initially think so when thinking about what ChMS will suit your church you need a software that enables you to carry out the vision of your church.

  • Think about the type of internal processes or systems your church needs to carry out, on a day to day basis, and see if the ChMS you are considering can empower you to do that job better.

#2 ​​What is your budget?

As practical as this point sounds, the price can be the deciding factor. However, budget alone should not be the only determining reason when it comes to choosing the right technology for your church.

Take into consideration how purchasing efficient software can actually give you a greater return on your investment.

  • You can’t always put a dollar value on time, but when something is also reasonably priced, with the support and assistance to back it up, then you’re on a winner!  

#3 Should it be more than just a database?

We all know that Church Management Software is a database, but you also need to see it as being so much more than just keeping track of attendance, giving and contacting people. When you move beyond just the basic features, your Church Management Software can actually be a tool that really helps you do ministry well.

  • Look beyond simply seeing attendance numbers, instead use these statistics to identify ways you can improve what you to do to grow your ministry.

#4 ​​Will this benefit your staff & leaders?

Within your ministry, you may have areas of your church that have unique operational processes — for example, children's ministry, worship team or small groups.

When looking for a technology,  you need to implement software that will support your staff and leaders who are running these areas, so that they can be more effective.

If the technology does not empower your staff to fulfill their roles and assist in making a greater ministry impact, it may be worth looking elsewhere.

  • The technology should fit your processes – not the other way around.

Over to You

No matter what your specific needs are, technology is something to be embraced.

Technology will empower you and your team to be more efficient in day-to-day church administration so that you can spend more time engaging with your community.

Don't do church; BE the church.’s ChMS will give you this opportunity.

Reach new people, and build relationships with others by tapping into technology to further your reach, for the good of the kingdom.

Editor's Note: This post was written by Sarah Schelbach. Sarah helps out with customer success at Her goal is to help you pause, smile, and equip you succeed (in that order).

4 Critical Questions To Ask before Choosing Church Tech