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How to Choose a Church Tech Provider: 3 Crucial Questions to Ask

Use these 3 critical questions to help your church pick the right provider for all your church's technical needs.

How to Choose a Church Tech Provider: 3 Crucial Questions to Ask

Frank Barry

As a church leader, it can be confusing to try to figure out what you’re looking for in a church tech provider. Here at, we want to make your decision easier by offering three easy things to look for.

1. Do they tailor their services specifically for church needs? 

The first thing to look for from a church tech solutions provider is a service that is tailored specifically to church needs.

Take church websites as an example. There are literally hundreds of website solutions out there, but few of them consider specific church needs in the solutions they offer. Have they thought of your website’s need for a sermon page, ministries pages, staff pages, your giving, your planning, and your visiting tools?

All of those needs shouldn’t be an accessory but instead should be baked-in and prebuilt so that you can launch a great website from day one without having to extensively customize it or find people who know how to use plugins. 

At the end of the day, you’re going to want to make sure your provider cares about church specific needs and has built their technology to meet the specific needs that your church has to create an incredible website. 

2. Do their tools seamlessly integrate across their platform? 

The second thing to look for in a solutions provider are tools that seamlessly integrate across their whole platform. When it comes to your church’s website, you’re going to need a lot of tools. There’s giving, database numbers, website analytics, a church app, accounting, email, text and more than your church could be using. 

Often, churches end up needing to rely on separate solutions providers for different tools. Your website is different from your email, or your giving is separate from your newcomers’ analytics. When this happens, each system is working independently of each other. 

Imagine instead if all your tools could be integrated, and all your data could be accessed together through one platform. Instead of staff needing to spend countless hours searching and moving data from one platform to another, your technology should be working for you, to bring all of your tools and data together in one place. 

3. Will their service penalize you for church growth? 

The third thing to look for in a church tech provider is whether they will penalize you for church growth. Many companies, both in the for-profit and not for profit world charge more money for more usage of their platform. If you have more donors, more members, or your church growth requires more data and more storage, the prices also go up. As your church grows, you end up paying more and more money for different modules and features that you’re using. Instead, you want to find a solution that scales with you, gives you the tools you need and doesn’t penalize you for growing. 

In short, find a tech provider that focuses on church specific needs, that offers an integrated array of tools, and one with great pricing that isn’t going to penalize you for growth. 

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How to Choose a Church Tech Provider: 3 Crucial Questions to Ask