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3 Reasons Why You Need ChMS in Time for Easter

If you're not using a church management software by Easter, your church attendance is driving toward a cliff. Here's how to course-correct and use Easter to maximize growth.

3 Reasons Why You Need ChMS in Time for Easter

Paul Maxwell

Leading up to Easter, you’re not thinking about your church management software.

But you should be.

Failing to have a church management software could be the very reason your church isn’t growing.

Do you want to grow as a church?

Let me walk you through an exercise in logic:

Growth in outreach requires growth in your church’s budget.

Growth in budget requires growth in giving.

Growth in giving requires growth in givers.

Growth in givers requires growth in member buy-in.

Growth in member buy-in requires growth in members.

Growth in members requires growth in visitors.

Increasing your church’s ability to reach the world for Christ begins and ends with how you convert visitors into engines for outreach.

What tool are you using to execute this process with the highest degree of excellence?

Is it Church Community Builder? Is it a different church management software solution?

If it’s not’s ChMS, then with all due respect, your plateau is your fault.

Here are three reasons why your church needs’s ChMS before Easter.

1. Reach more people

The amount of visitors you get on Easter Sunday is a simple reflection of how well you have mobilized your members to invite their friends, family, and co-workers.

You should be encouraging them every Sunday during Lent to invite people to your Easter service.

When your members are signed up for’s ChMS, you can send them push notifications, emails, and text alerts reminding them to invite unbelievers in their life to hear about Christ.

Don’t only rely on a weekly church announcement to prompt them to reach out to neighbors.

Prompt them in the middle of the day while they’re around people.

People respond well to this kind of notification.

On one hand, don’t  be scared to send your church messages during the day . On the other hand, don’t send them 100 notifications a day, but send them a weekly or bi-weekly note:

  • “Invite a co-worker to Easter today with the cards we handed out in church. Remember: We’re having a big BBQ after church!”
  • “Inviting people to church is scary. Most people want to go to church but don’t know where to go. Be brave for Christ, and invite a friend to the Easter service today!"

2. Turn guests into attenders

With’s ChMS, you can set up unlimited kiosks in your church (with, you can turn any web browser into a Kiosk) to gather visitor information and give them premium gifts in exchange for their information.

In exchange for Bibles, books, t-shirts, notebooks, and a big raffle prize like an iPad, you could incentivize visitors to give their contact information on Easter Sunday.

Station a volunteer by every kiosk that puts out a cheery and inviting vibe to proactively ask people to put their contact information into the kiosk to get a premium gift and a chance to win a bigger gift.

Your cost per visitor acquisition could be as low as $15 per visitor, which, translated into the lifetime value of a member, is pennies on the dollar.

3. Easter is the best day to launch recurring giving

Everyone in your  church attends on Easter.

It’s the one day that you can transition everybody in your church to recurring givers  and give a brief lesson about giving in the church.

From the stage, ask people to download the app, enter their information, and register with the app.

No more “I wasn’t there” excuses. It’s Easter! Everyone is there.

And ChMS makes it easy to use’s recurring giving feature.

You can automate recurring giving in the same church management software that you use for everything else.

On the user end, the same app they use to register for a small group, hear about ministries, and sign up for a bake sale, is the same app in which they set up their recurring gifts to the church.

Uncomfortable with the idea of talking about giving during Easter?

Check out these tips on taking up a special offering during the holidays.

Over to you

Do you want Easter to be just another spike in attendance?

Or do you want to turn that spike into a hockey stick that changed a stagnant church into vibrant growth?’s ChMS, combined with some basic  communications strategy, is the key to casting a net before the visitors who come to your church.

Don’t let this be just another Easter.

Get’s ChMS and make it the Easter that changed everything for your church.


3 Reasons Why You Need ChMS in Time for Easter