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Transform Your Church’s Virtual Worship with These 2 Critical Tweaks

Carl Barnhill explains 6 ways to use your church countdown timer to boost engagement.

Transform Your Church’s Virtual Worship with These 2 Critical Tweaks

Today, I want to share with you six ways to enhance the countdowns or the countdown timer videos that you use in your worship experience.

When I say worship experience, I mean in the live environment that your people are actually physically at, and also your stream.

If you're streaming your church services, I'd consider that your worship experience as well because people are worshiping online. 

You might use a countdown timer video.

This is going to be placed in your experience after your pre-service announcement slides or your loop, but before your first worship song, old hymn, or whatever you use as your first element. Here are six ways that you can use that time a little bit more strategically rather than just numbers counting down on screen. 

1. Trivia 

The first way is trivia. If you're in a message series on let's say relationships, you can put the countdown timer video in the corner, and you can have trivia on different relationship stats. Or let's say you are doing a “God at the Movies” series. You can put the timer in the corner and you can have a question on the screen like “Who's starring in the new Mr. Rogers movie?” You can have A, B, C, D, and then you reveal the answer is Tom Hanks. You can have different movie trivia or different trivia about the topic of your message repeated in your countdown.

I want to encourage you that your worship experience needs to be a journey from parking lot to parking lot. Everything involved from the time they walk in the parking lot to the time they leave at the end of your service, all of that is the worship experience. I want your message to be a part of your greeting team, your lobby, your pre-service announcement loop, your countdown, your bumper and your songs. Everything involved is all about your message. You're taking your audience on a journey from parking lot to parking lot. Also in a streaming scenario from when they turn it on and when it turns off. Your countdown needs to match what you're doing with your message. That's why I use “God at the Movies” as an example. 

2. Stats 

Second way to enhance your countdown is using stats. Let's go back to the relationship series example. You're in a relationship series and you have your countdown in the corner, but put stats of the divorce rate in the United States. Any stats about family or marriage prime the pump for your message that you're going to deliver later in the worship experience. You are giving people things to look at instead of numbers on a screen. It is a little bit interactive and you are engaging with them. 


This is an easy one. You can pull a quote or a Bible verse from the book that you're going to be looking at later in the worship experience. You can display a quote from Jesus or Paul and reference it. Even if people don't know or don't connect the dots until you get up on stage and start preaching, it is going to start getting into their mind. 

4. Talking 

While your countdown is in the corner, you can have little videos of your staff members or other people in your church. This is a great time for your outreach pastor or your missions pastor to get on screen for 30 seconds and say, "Hey guys, we're doing a mission trip coming up. Here's how I want you to sign up. We're going to go to Ecuador and we're going to do this, this and this." You are using that countdown time in your worship experience more strategically and it's not just numbers on a screen.

5. Announcements 

You can put these in your service somewhere else, but you could also use your countdown to drop in your video announcements. People will continually learn about what's going on in your church while they're walking in or while they're preparing for worship. 

6. Promotion 

The last way is promotional videos. You may have student camp coming up and you've spent money on creating a promotional video. The countdown timer is in the corner and your promotional video is playing on the screen. You're getting more legs out of the money that you've spent on staff, a ministry or a company to make that video for you. It is not just played once, but played in your countdown, on social media or in your worship experience or somewhere else. You get a little bit more bang for your buck if you can put it in places like your countdown.If you have a student camp promo or a promo about your men's conference, the countdown is where you can put that so the information is continually in front of people.

That is six ways that you can enhance your countdown. What you might be thinking is, "Well, I don't have the team in place to make all this stuff. I don't have the team to make promotional videos or make countdowns that have trivia questions in it, that sort of thing."

If you don't, I'd love to help you. is our website and you can go to to tell us about your project. Tell us what you're trying to accomplish. We would love to help you. We can make that content from scratch specifically for your church. We  have prices that are affordable for ministries as well. We are very budget friendly when it comes to ministries and churches. 

We would love to help you with any of these tips or feel free to reach out to us if you have a question or need help implementing any of these ideas. I really hope that these tips will help you transform the worship experiences at your church.

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Today on Modern Church Leader, Carl Barnhill explains 6 ways to use your church countdown timer to boost engagement.

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Transform Your Church’s Virtual Worship with These 2 Critical Tweaks