Boost Year End Giving at Your Church with One Simple, yet Important Thing

The end of the year is coming to a close. Keep in mind that people are ready to give for many reasons. Use this end of year giving tactic to boost generosity.

Boost Year End Giving at Your Church with One Simple, yet Important Thing

Did you know that you could increase giving by sending an email or two?

That’s right, simply send a few emails and your giving will go up.

Now, you might be thinking, that’s crazy. People don’t give just because they got an email!

You’re probably right.

People give to the vision of the Church. People give because of the impact financial generosity has on other people's lives. People give to help bring hope and light to the world. We, as Christians, give because God first gave to us and now we’re on a mission to show that love to the rest of the world!

But you should still send a few  emails during the last few weeks of the year! It will have a noticeable impact on your giving. :)

Consider these three charitable fundraising statistic about giving during the last month and weeks of the year:

  • 30 percent of the projected annual donations to charities are made during December!
  • 10 percent come during the year’s last 48 hours!
  • That’s $625 million an hour for the last two days of December. [ref]

I hope these fundraising statists got your attention.

Now, let’s look at a few strategies to release the spirit of generosity in your congregation before the new year:

#1. Say Thank You!

A simple message of gratitude opens the door for generosity. Add value to each giver by showing them what they’ve made possible throughout the year. This shines light on the work that can be done by even greater giving. -- The Storytelling Non Profit

#2. Be Specific and Relatable

This, most likely, is not your first push for generosity, but it is the last. Provide details about the ministries that are benefiting or the programs that are being funded.

Highlight a tangible goal that can be recognized within the needs of the church. Perhaps there is a special project launching in the new year, or a need that will be met with a certain dollar amount. Make an effort to contextualize your email to the reason for the season.Church Executive

#3. A Call to Action

Making the ask in your end of year fundraising email is important, but no need to over do it. Have a clear and bold call to action leading them to your church online giving form and a simple message that takes any ambiguity out of what is being asked. Be sure your message presents a tangible way to be involved.

Doing this makes it easier for the reader to focus and engage more quickly. -- Worship Facilities

#4. Stay Relevant

With several holiday campaigns occurring during this season, it’s important to stay at the top of the inbox. It’s recommended to send at least twice between Dec. 27 and Dec. 30, and at least once on New Year’s Eve depending on each demographic.

As you prepare your end of year emails, keep in mind that some groups may not need to receive all the emails you’re planning. Keep in mind which members are regular donors and which may need an extra nudge this year. John Hayden

#5. Follow Up

January is a great time to thank givers for their generosity and highlight the projects that you accomplish because of the money received during the end of year campaign.

This sets the stage for a generous and faithful beginning of the new year as well as sets the stage for the next end of year campaign. Following up reminds each donor of the importance and value of what they have accomplished and what’s ahead.  

There you have it. If you remember ONE thing from this blog post, remember this: Send an email to all of your people during the last 48 hours of the year, asking them to invest in the mission of your church.

Here’s a great article on crafting that email message for your church.

Share you end of year email in the comments below ... or ask any questions you have!


Boost Year End Giving at Your Church with One Simple, yet Important Thing