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4 of the Best Bible Study Apps for Daily Scripture Reading

Looking for a way to help your church stay connected to God's Word in the busyness of life? We’ve assembled a list of the best Bible study apps for iPhone and Android devices.

4 of the Best Bible Study Apps for Daily Scripture Reading

Want to inspire your church to read the Bible daily?

We’ve assembled a list of four Bible study apps for iPhone and Android devices that will help your members grow in their knowledge of God every day.

No matter how busy life may be right now, there’s no reason faith has to take a backseat. With daily Bible study apps, the members of your congregation can take God’s Word wherever they go. These resources will help in their daily effort to read Scripture. All you have to do is point them to these apps and watch the engagement unfold.

Keep reading for the best Christian Bible study apps and how they can get people closer to the Almighty.

3 benefits of Bible Study

If your members are looking for reasons to read the Bible daily, here are three:

It cleanses the soul

Spending time in God’s Word helps us detox from the things that foster a sense of hopelessness in our lives. God uses His Word to wash our minds, emotions, and will, so that we can think clearly and find freedom from enslaving habits.

It stretches our thinking

A good, basic understanding of Scripture provides encouragement to explore unfamiliar and seemingly difficult passages. Although challenging at first, it can lead to new perspectives that improve and empower our lives.

It leads us to the truth

The Bible contains the entire truth necessary for living a righteous life. Like a flashlight on a dark road, its teachings keep us on track through the journey of life.

What are Bible Study Apps?

Bible study apps are software programs that allow users to read the Bible on their smartphones. These programs afford them the convenience of accessing Scripture anytime, anywhere. Most of us have our phones with us all the time, so downloading a Bible study application makes it easy to study the Bible as we go about daily life.

Do you remember back when we had to figure out how to carry that giant book—the printed Bible—around with us? Now, people can download a Bible app on their phone for quick reference and study.

4 Best Bible Study Apps

1. The Bible App

Available for: iPhone and Android

One of the best Bible study apps for iPhone and Android users, The Bible App gives people the tools to explore God’s Word daily. They can read, listen to, watch, and share Scripture from 2,000+ Bible versions.

The app also lets users invite their friends to join and enjoy meaningful conversations as they study God’s Word together. Many people consider it to be the best bible study app in existence: The Bible App has been installed on over 445 million devices across the world.

By the way,'s Church App seamlessly integrates with The Bible App. In other words, if you use our app and someone in your church also uses The Bible App, they can easily jump between these apps. This makes it easy to keep people engaged with your church and with their Bible.


Available for: iPhone and Android allows users to access the Bible in more than 1,300 languages. Users can search Bible passages by country or language and easily create custom plans for church or personal Bible study. Plus, the app provides the options to highlight, bookmark, and add notes for Scripture for inspiration and memorization.

The standout features of has to be the video segments from the Jesus film project that uniquely narrate God’s Word.

3. NeuBible

Available for: iPhone

NeuBible is an intuitive, gesture-based Bible study tool app for iPhone users. Its developer engineered and optimized it to help you find verses and chapters as quickly as possible, so you can get right to reading. Gesture-based highlighting allows users to highlight and copy verses by tapping, holding, and dragging their finger down their phone’s screen. Additionally, people can customize their reading experience by controlling fonts and switching between day and night reading modes.

4. Bible Cross References

Available for: Android

This is the best Bible study app for android users who want to identify commonalities across different parts of the Bible. Cross-references are key to understanding Scripture and strengthening our relationship with God. Fortunately, Bible reference apps like these make it easy to identify connections between events, words, themes, or people. Features of Bible Cross References include bookmarks, notes, highlights, and more.

How Bible Study Apps add to our worship

Daily Bible reading is a challenge for many Christians. It takes time and focus—both of which your church members may feel they use up in their daily living.

Bible study apps make it easy to spend more time in the life-giving Word of God by brushing up on Bible verses. Highlighting and note-taking are also simple with Bible apps—Just tap, copy, paste, and get back to reading.

Overall, Bible apps make it easy to worship daily by immersing in God’s narrative.

As you prepare to study the Bible with an app or a printed version, here's a list of Bible study topics you can explore.

Over to you

If you’re looking to encourage your members to read their Bible regularly, then we’d recommend that you refer them to one or more of these apps. Alternatively, you can register your church on the Church App to make it easy for members to read the Bible, submit their prayer requests, and give back to your community. You can customize the Church App with your branding to communicate who you are as a church.


4 of the Best Bible Study Apps for Daily Scripture Reading