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5 Things You Didn’t Know About + BoxCast Church Live Streaming + BoxCast church livestreaming facts that you might not know. Learn how livestreaming can be done well at a very low price.

Is your church considering live streaming? 

If so, perhaps you’re starting to feel a bit like Goldilocks as you research options online. “This one’s too confusing! That one’s too expensive! Too many annoying ads! What terrible quality!

Welcome to Streaming in partnership with BoxCast… “This one’s just right.

While most streaming solutions out there are built for big businesses with massive budgets we’ve customized our offering for churches specifically, both from a feature standpoint and a budgetary perspective, as well.

Below you’ll find a just a few examples about how Streaming isn’t only different from the others out there but perfect for your church and ministry strategy. Happy Streaming!

Five: It’s Streaming is Way Easier Than You’d Think

I’ve heard the story time and time again, “Live streaming is something that’s just too complicated for my church to consider.” Sure, streaming might seem like something that’s intimidating and taxing, yet we’ve designed our offering to be as intuitive and user friendly as possible.

Diving into specifics, we’ve found that a majority of our churches spend less than 30 minutes setting up their stream initially and then on average give less than 10 minutes a week to their stream and all that it entails. We believe that live streaming should be easy, so we’re happy to share with you the most practical and accessible streaming solution out there.

Four: It’s Built for Churches of Any Size

Whether you're a church plant, have 25 people in your congregation, or have grown to the 10,000 + size, and regardless of whether you have cameras or not, our plans are intended to fit the needs of every broadcaster. Our pricing is simple (more on that later) and we offer premium ministry specific features on every one of our plans so that you’ll be able to reach the most people for Christ through your new online video ministry.

Three: You Don’t Need a Computer To Stream

Most streaming solutions out there require software to be installed on a computer and run by a trained volunteer to function. We’ve taken the computer out of streaming to save you the volunteer effort and upgrade the quality of your broadcast. Either send your live events from our free iOS streaming app or from our automated hardware and we’ll send them to your website, app, and social media channels (such as Facebook & YouTube Live) both live and archived, which again, happens automatically to save you the headache.

Two: You Can Stream As Much As You Want

Oh, the excessive nickel and diming that so often occurs in the world of online video. Streaming comes at a price point that you can simply bake into your budget and never worry about it again. Whether you’d like to only stream Sunday Services or perhaps branch out into sharing weddings, funerals, Bible studies, or other ministry activities, we let you broadcast as many events to as many viewers as you’d like. Hey, the way we look at it, the more that you stream, the more impact your church will have for the expansion of the Kingdom.

One: It Costs Way Less Than You’d Think

Yes, you’re reading this correct. streaming has feature rich ministry customized plans for your churches that begin as low as $24.99 per month. In other words, for less than $300 a year your church can begin reaching folks who are sick at home, traveling on business, moving to your community and looking for a church, overseas serving in the military or on the mission field, away at university, or away from your building on Sunday morning for a plethora of other potential reasons. From a stewardship perspective, not a bad investment in my book.

Thanks so much for considering partnering with us in this exciting endeavor. 

We know that you pour your heart into your ministry and it would be an absolute privilege to team up with you in effort to make Jesus famous through live and archived video in our ever increasing digital culture.

Learn more about how BoxCast and have joined forces to serve the church.


5 Things You Didn’t Know About + BoxCast Church Live Streaming