How to get Your Church to use and Mobile Giving?

Use these proven tips, ideas, and examples when launching a new giving platform to your church members.

How to get Your Church to use and Mobile Giving?

It only takes a few minutes to setup a new account. You can literally have your church accepting digital donations today, through your website, mobile app, text-to-give, and more. 👉 Learn more.

But how do you make your congregation aware of all the new giving options available to them? We’ve got you covered. The team at is here to help you educate your church about all the benefits of digital giving.

First of all, every new partner church or ministry receives a welcome package full of assets and resources to help you communicate the new giving options to your church.

The Church Giving launch kit includes:

A custom set of slides or worship backgrounds that help explain the easy steps to give, which you can add to your pre/post slides on Sunday, use during announcements, or share at a member’s meeting.“Giving post cards” that you can print and put on seats, leave in the lobby, pass out when people are coming in, and even mail to your top donors. These “giving post cards” explain the new digital giving methods available to them and how to get started.A short video to share with your congregation on Sunday.Personal assistance from our dedicated customer success team. We’re here to help make the transition to a new giving platform as easy as possible. Need some ideas or help putting together resources, just let us know!

Additionally, here are some of the most effective ideas we’ve seen:

1. Make an announcement from the stage.

Adding a new giving option or changing giving providers can be tricky. Your members are bound to ask questions like: Is it secure? How do I do it? Will I get a receipt? How much does it cost? Essentially, people are hesitant and need to be properly informed by someone they know and trust! That’s why it’s extremely important that the sr. or executive pastor get’s in front of the congregation to announce the new giving tools.

Some do it via video announcements while others get on stage live and in person. Regardless of “how” you get on stage, don’t forget that this step is the most important step of all.

Oh, and the best-of-the-best weave in the message from stage for a few weeks or months so that they’re sure to touch as many people as possible.

2. Send an email (or 3).

Implementing a new giving platform is a great reason to send a church newsletter to everyone on your distribution list. Include all your members, regular attendees, and anyone who has supported your church in the past. The email should be short and sweet, listing out the new ways people can give, but don’t miss the opportunity to re-establish why people should give — Consider linking to a recent article on giving, or posting a video on the importance of giving sacrificially to God.

3. Put a note in your weekly bulletin (for a month or two or three in a row).

If you print a weekly bulletin or handout, add a section promoting your new giving options. This is a great place to ask people to try text-to-give by listing your text giving phone number. You can also let folks know how they can download the app. In either case, make sure to provide simple instructions on how to get started.

4. Create a giving page on your church website.

A well designed but simply giving page on your website can help remind people why they should give, as well as provide a central place that explains all the ways they can donate. Some churches even direct all of their communications around giving to this page on their website to make things easier.

Need some ideas on what to put on your giving page? Here are 10 Churches With Awesome Giving Pages.

5. Send a personal letter to your biggest givers.

Whether its your biggest givers or your most consistent givers (or both), consider sending personalized letters to help your most faithful donors. Use it as an opportunity to thank them for their generosity, and inform them of the new convenient ways they can give. They are likely to tell their friends and community members about your new giving options.

6. Ask small group leaders to mention it.

You know the old saying, you don’t receive because you don’t ask.

Small groups are the lifeblood of many churches and, unlike busy Sunday morning, these groups provide a vehicle for information to be shared and “heard” by all those in attendance. Give you small group leaders talking points to share or “giving post cards” to pass out. Even the most subtle mention done over the course of time will have an impact.

The better your members are educated to use the more opportunity you have to increase giving and better shepherd your people. Churches that fully implement and communicate about it well, typically see up to a 20% increase in giving. 

Need help? Visit and click on the “Click for Help” button.


How to get Your Church to use and Mobile Giving?