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4 Storytelling Techniques for Your Church's YouTube Channel

Learn the most effective storytelling techniques for your church’s YouTube channel.

4 Storytelling Techniques for Your Church's YouTube Channel

I have made over 400 videos and I am constantly learning how to tell a story via Youtube.

I want to share with you four simple strategies I have discovered, that can help other pastors like me create videos that connect. 

1. Be an Explorer, not an Expert

Bad storytellers assume that they are supposed to be the expert for you, while great storytellers know they need to experience the truth of a story with you.

This subtle shift in thinking is my biggest piece of advice because it makes a huge difference.

When I start a video, I act like I do not know the answer yet and I am exploring with you. I introduce a problem, event or idea and I bring you along the journey of wrestling to find the truth. My hope in this is to encourage the viewer as we explore the truth together. 

2. Choose Community over Commodity

I also love talking to experts along my journey. I ask them for help and ask them what they think. I document myself asking questions and piecing things together. Our job is not to be experts. To be an expert on Youtube is like a commodity. I do not make a personal connection with an expert, I simply get what I need from them and move on. A commodity can be used and thrown away. For those I make a personal connection with, I don’t just fall in love with their truth but with them so I want to follow and learn from them. I trust them and want to be part of their community. 

3. Take the role of a student and invite others along for the journey 

In storytelling, it is really helpful for me to act like I am with the viewer experiencing truth with them, rather than telling them how incredible I am or that I have all the answers. That does not work on Youtube or in real life either. Unless you are really old, then you can totally be an expert. Right now in my ministry I am younger and just figuring things out. People really appreciate seeing that!

4. Diversify your Storytelling Structure

I go through different types of storytelling and ways to structure a story. Famous Youtuber Dan Mace says he likes to use impact, communication then persuasion. In his model, the impact is the hook or the “oh my gosh” clip that is typically shown at the end of a video. You show that first and then introduce the idea that you wrestle with. The persuasion part is at the end of the video when the music is inspirational and everything's in slow motion. You start to figure things out and everyone is smiling. 

Or, we're not smiling and it is really sad. You think to yourself, "this thing didn't work out. I thought it would." It is the beginning impact that will keep you drawn in because you know what the video is ultimately going to be about. You wrestle through the concept and the persuasion part is to say, "This is what I've come up with, and here's why I think you should do it as well." That is the storytelling structure that I have seen a lot of successful Youtubers use. I don't always do that on my videos, but for the ones that I do, they are absolutely the most successful.

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Today on Modern Church Leader, Trey Van Camp explains the most effective storytelling techniques for your church’s YouTube channel.

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4 Storytelling Techniques for Your Church's YouTube Channel