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1 Simple Way to Effectively Manage Your Church

Managing the life of your church is challenging. But you don't have to make it harder than it should be. Here's how.

1 Simple Way to Effectively Manage Your Church

Managing the life of your church is challenging. 

There are countless people, events, and activities to track. 

One simple way—yet overlooked way—you can manage the life of your church and empower your people is with your church website

The reality is that as the church, sometimes we can think that we are doing everything on a budget so we shouldn't build too many features or we shouldn't be expected to do too much with our website. 

The reality is that through work and school people are beginning to just expect a lot more from what a website would offer and so when it comes to something like member management, I think people are beginning or have now come to a place where they expect to be able to do more than just see your website for an announcement board or an event posting area. They actually want to perform some of the tasks like giving, signing up for events, and updating contact information.

And so as you're looking at your website, I think you can begin to expect more from it. If your website doesn't currently offer some of those features, I would really recommend looking into a tool that does. 

And so with Sites, it's great that we have this integration with our own CHMS platform where we can automatically build those features in, where someone can log right into their CHMS from the website, someone can register for an event directly through the website, all those different pieces that are so important to kind of the day to day operations of your church. Your website now can offer that tool.

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Today on Modern Church Leader, Product Owner Matt Morrison shares how your church's website can empower your church members to easily participate in the life of your church.

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1 Simple Way to Effectively Manage Your Church