Hello, Church Management!

Get Church Management (ChMS) for only $50/mo.

Hello, Church Management!

Jesse Wisnewski

Managing your church is no joke.

You have to keep track of volunteers.

You have to prepare for your weekly worship service.

You have to manage your church’s finances.

You have to (normally) do this with a variety of tools and reams of paper.

Well, we’d like to make your life and ministry a whole lot easier. 😃

Introducing Church Management.

Hello, Church Management!

To help you manage your church, engage your congregation, and increase giving, we joined forces with Elvanto to create an all-inclusive online software solution.

With this new arrangement, you’ll be able to:

  • Simplify your life and ministry
  • Save time using fewer tools
  • Further the mission of your church
  • Put money back in your pocket

Best part of all?

You can do all of this with one tool.

This all sounds good.

But you’re probably wondering:

“How much does everything cost?”

Actually, not much at all.

You can get Church Management for only $50 a month.

It doesn’t matter if you lead a church of 100 or a church of 10,000, your price won’t change—at all. You will only pay $50 a month to use Church Management.

See, I told you. 😎

Easy-to-use church management software

Managing your church has never been easier. and Elvanto joining forces will transform how your church works.

You’ll improve efficiency …

… Get stuff done faster with fewer hurdles  …

… Eliminate unnecessary spreadsheets, paperwork, and tools …

And put money back into your church’s budget.

Too good to be true.

But we wouldn’t lie.

Hello, Church Management!


Hello, Church Management!