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4 Reasons to Stream Your Church Services

Church live streaming is here to stay! Facebook Live, YouTube Live and other services are great ways to reach more poeple w/ the Gospel of Jesus. Learn more.

4 Reasons to Stream Your Church Services

The rise in live streaming has opened up a tremendous opportunity for your church to reach people with the gospel

What is more, recent advancements have reduced the cost and make it super easy for your church to get into the live streaming game.

Even though this is the case, many church leaders still lean toward producing their videos or believe that they have to have a videographer and expensive equipment to get involved.

If you’re still on the fence with live streaming and you think recording, producing, and uploading your videos to share later is the way to go, then here are four reasons for you to consider live streaming.

#1. People prefer watching live videos

When it comes to watching videos, people prefer to watch live videos versus an archived video. For instance, Facebook shared that people watch Facebook Live videos three times longer than archived videos.

For many people, they want to experience the moment and share the experience live, which makes them feel like they are apart of your service.

So, if your church is uploading a video of your worship service later, then you’re missing out on connecting with people at the moment, which leads us to our next point.

#2. Live streaming will save you time

For producing and uploading videos, this will take you, a staff member, or a volunteer a significant amount of time. From editing, uploading, and then sharing your video on multiple channels, producing your videos requires a considerable time investment and a particular skill set.

#3. Streaming videos will save you money

If you save the videos you record, then you need to store your videos, which can cost your church a lot of money. When you live stream your videos, you don’t have to purchase expensive equipment or pay for a ton of storage space online.


4 Reasons to Stream Your Church Services