Keep track of your people—not your spreadsheets People makes it easy to centralize your contacts and stay up-to-date with your church community.
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Store contact information
Easily add and update someone’s contact information, profile image, and important details.
Find who you're looking for
Don’t worry about spreadsheets, folders, or keeping contact information on your phone. People provides lightning-fast search capabilities. 
Text and email people
Sync with Messaging and quickly send a text or email to individuals or groups.
Background Checks
Easily run and track background checks for your volunteers and leaders in your church. Run all kinds of background checks including basic checks, to motor vehicle history, to full criminal checks.
Relationships allow you to associate any two people in your database and appoint them with a specific type of relationship. This could include parents, children, aunts, uncles, grandparents, you name it.
Households allow you to connect different family units who attend your church. It’s a great way to group people together so that you know who is a part of each family.
Group people in your database in any way your church needs. Use this tool to manage small groups, ministry leaders, staff, or anything else that’s going to help your church out.

Simplify your contacts

Save yourself time and stress by ditching spreadsheets and Post-It notes and storing people’s information in one easy-to-use platform. 

Mobile friendly

Need to know something on the go? Access the info you need about your church community anytime—anywhere. 

Integrates with People syncs with Giving and Messaging. This way you can effortlessly pull information from your giving records and send texts and emails to people. 

Free for every church of every size

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