Build stronger community with Tithely Groups

Tithely Groups is a key part of Tithely Apps and Tithely People–and an amazing way to strengthen small groups and help people connect on the go.

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Connect in Tithely Apps

Your small groups can connect with each other right within the Church App. You can also use Groups for your staff, ministry leaders, worship team, volunteers, and other groups within your church.

Find Groups in Tithely People

Groups can be found within Tithely People–making it simple to create small groups from your existing contacts.

Encourage Growth

Make it easy for your members to search for–and join–new groups. 

  • Search for small groups within the app. 
  • Stay organized with a section just for Your Groups. 
  • Request to join a group with one simple click. 
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Empower Leaders

Groups give leaders control over what Group pages look like to members and non-members.

  • Customize your Group photo to display members or a special memory. 
  • Add a special description to your Group page. 
  • Accept new members and even make new Groups private. 
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Increase Involvement

Groups help your members stay more connected and involved. 

  • Send group messages or direct messages on your Group’s own channel.
  • Communicate internally about changes in location or time. 
  • Ask questions and send reminders.
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What’s Different about Groups

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Customizable Group Types

Group Types help you create and customize different types of groups with information like when and where the group meets, and if it’s a closed or open group. Make the Group publicly accessible, or private. Create as many Group Types as you need to.

6 ways to give

Automatic Member Add-on

If you use Messaging, you can send a simple text message to get automatically added to a Group.

6 ways to give

Push Notifications

Just like your favorite social media app, you get notifications from Groups. Church members can choose Push notifications to keep them updated, or they can check notifications in the App.

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