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Tithe.ly is a simple to use yet powerful alternative to easyTithe™. Built for the Church and run by ministry-minded individuals and pastors.

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Evaluating Tithe.ly and easyTithe™ (owned by Ministry Brands) as part of your church online giving comparison? Or considering switching from easyTithe™ and looking at competitive church-giving solutions like many churches have? That’s a healthy thing to do as there are always competitors in the market.

We want to make the decision as easy as possible, so we’ve put together some info on easyTithe vs. Tithe.ly, easyTithe reviews, and easyTithe pricing that will help you decide which option is best for you.

Below, you’ll find information to help you compare Tithe.ly and easyTithe, including features, customer experiences, pricing, and thoughts from current Tithe.ly customers who have made the switch.

We hope this helps…

(Note: We’re obviously biased :), but we want to be factual and accurate in our information sharing so PLEASE let us know if we’ve misrepresented anything or have anything incorrect. We’ll make changes promptly if needed. You can contact us here.)

Before we get into the details, let’s summarize by letting you know exactly what we hear from pastors and church administrators making the switch to Tithe.ly:

  • easyTithe pricing now has a new monthly fee of $10 that is required for all users. They call it the security / regulatory fee. This is in addition to the processing fees and does not get you text or kiosk giving.
  • easyTithe pricing includes monthly minimums that must be met for transaction amounts. If you do not meet the minimums, you'll be charged another $10 monthly fee.
  • easyTithe is only one of many giving companies (SimpleGive, MoGive, eGiving, eGive, Kindrid, and Giving Kiosk) that were purchased and consolidated under the parent company Ministry Brands — whoa, that’s a lot of different giving solutions.
  • When EasyTithe goes down, which is a more regular thing than we'd like, it takes FOREVER to get in touch with someone to fix it.
  • Their customer support is really, really, really bad. It takes over a month with no response and when they do respond they just close the ticket without completing the request.

The above is what we're hearing directly from users who switch from easyTithe to Tithe.ly. But you don't have to take our word for it, More easyTithe™ reviews here.

With that, here’s more detailed information to help you compare easyTithe and aid in your decision-making process.

1) Loved by our customers

We serve over 25,000 churches around the world! The first thing you should you know is that Tithe.ly strives to serve the Church by providing great software and support to the churches whom choose to use the tools we provide for their online giving and other software needs. Check out the reviews people leave!


2) Built by pastors with a ministry mindset

Tithe.ly was made by ministry-minded folks and pastors to help build the Kingdom. We want to help churches and ministries increase giving and generosity so that they can better serve their community and reach the world for Jesus. One of the Tithe.ly founders was a pastor for 30 years, our lead developer was the worship director at his church, another partner was a youth pastor for 4 years, and the rest of the employees at Tithe.ly are active in their local church. You won't find the same dynamics at play when looking at easyTithe reviews online.

Tithe.ly continues to be owned and operated by a Kingdom-focused team that is 100% committed to serving the Church.

easyTithe™, on the other hand, is owned by Ministry Brands who is largely owned by Private Equity and has previously looked to sell off the company. In total, Ministry Brands has purchased twenty-five or more companies over the last few years:

  • 7 companies that develop church websites
  • 11 companies that provide online giving systems
  • 5 companies that provide church management systems
  • 1 company that provides background checks

3) Five ways to give in one platform

Tithe.ly gives you five ways to give packed into one platform. We focus on making each of these tools awesome so that you have best-in-class giving for your members. Our goal is to ensure you can offer many ways to give so that members can pick the one that suits them best:

  • Mobile Giving App – iPhone or Android, we’ve got you covered. Download the Tithe.ly church giving app from either app store. The app allows users to store their card info, see giving history, manage account info, set up recurring giving, and more. True frictionless giving in seconds!
  • Text-to-Give (in text) – True in-text giving. Meaning, your church can give money directly through a text message, not by receiving a link in a text that when clicked opens up on the web.
  • Online Giving– Keep givers right on your website with an easy-to-use online giving form embedded on your site.
  • Kiosk – Load up the Tithe.ly dedicated giving kiosk app on any iPad, Android, or Windows tablet and violà, you have a giving Kiosk in any location you need. Plus, Tithe.ly has taken extra precautions to ensure giver data is secure and people can’t give with someone else’s account.
  • Admin Gift Entry – Tithe.ly allows administrators to quickly and easily enter gifts that were written on envelopes or by other means through single gift of batch gift-entry. The admin gift entry tool allows you to pull up member records and auto-fill 90% of the information so all you have to do is enter the gift amount!

4) Not just a giving platform

With Tithe.ly you can use the giving platform to power online giving and keep it there, but we go way beyond that. You can also get a custom church app, your church website, email and text communications tools, and full church management (ChMS). All packed into one great solution for a super affordable price that doesn't go up as you grow.

  • 5 ways to give in one platform (including check scanning and integration with Quick Books)
  • Mobile point of sale (think Square for churches)
  • Custom Church App
  • Church Website Builder
  • Church Email + Text Communications Tools
  • Church Management / Database (Member management, attendance tracking, small groups, kids check-in, financial reporting, and much more)

5) Live in minutes and no merchant account needed

That’s right. It only takes five minutes or less to sign up for Tithe.ly. The second you hit the final submit button you’re live, no paperwork. No new merchant accounts. No 2-3 day waiting period to “go live”. You simply fill out an online form in minutes … and violà … you’re live.

Read about and scan easyTithe reviews and you'll learn that they require you to sign up for a new merchant account that takes 1-2 business days to be approved. Once approved it takes up to 24 hours for the system to be “live” and ready to accept donations.

6) Church branding

Everything we communicate to those who use our products is about giving and ministry. With Tithe.ly you can control the branding of your church donation form by adding your logo, custom colors and optional fields. You can even customize the email receipt along with your end of year giving statements that donors get!

7) Live person launch support

We understand that technology is useless sitting on the shelf. We also know that many churches lack the technical or creative staff to help fully realize the potential of great digital-giving tools. That’s way we put a LOT of energy into creating custom launch material for each and every church that uses Tithe.ly.

From slides and printed giving cards, to social media graphics and web-page design, our team will work with you one-on-one to ensure you have everything you need to successfully launch! And in case you didn’t pick up on it, you get to work with a real human being that you can call or email for help at any time.

8) Low pricing

Tithe.ly is 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction with discounted rates based on giving volume. There are NO monthly fees unless you keep text giving after the free trial. If you keep it, you only pay $19/mo. There are no monthly minimums, no security fees, and you don’t pay more to use the kiosk feature.

easyTithe pricing comes with a $10/mo “security fee” and a monthly minimum of another $10 if you don’t hit their minimum processing amount. They also charge you $19/mo for their kiosk feature and another $5/mo for text giving. On top of all that, easyTithe pricing transaction fees are higher -- at 3% + $0.39 per successful charge. easyTithe™ does lower their processing fees if you increase your monthly subscription fee and do larger amounts of volume on their system. Similarly, Tithe.ly will lower the processing fees with increased volume, but we will not increase or add additional monthly fees.

If you’re comparing apples-to-apples, for all features, easyTithe™ is actually $34/mo while Tithe.ly is $19/mo.

Check the bottom of this post for more information on pricing.

9) No contracts at all

There are no contracts at all with Tithe.ly. That’s right. You don’t have to sign anything or commit to using Tithe.ly for any period of time. We know that once you start using Tithe.ly you and your church will love it so much that you won’t want to go anywhere else.

10) Innovation in support of ministry

We’re technologists who love building products that encourage giving and generosity. Here are a few of the innovative features we’ve built into the Tithe.ly product. Some won’t be found in any other church giving system.

  • Flexible deposits – We can deposit funds into your bank account on any day of the week. It's your choice! We can deposit funds daily, weekly, or monthly based on your preference.
  • “Cover the Fees™” – We give "givers" the ability to offset the cost of their donation. It's call "cover the fees," which is a feature no other giving provider offers to churches.
  • Personal fundraising – Raise funds for camp, missionaries, etc. via a dedicated URL that individuals can send to friends and family in email or on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.
  • Instant ACH™ – Tithe.ly Instant ACH™ allows users to set up ACH without having to remember a check or their bank account and routing number. They can log in and authenticate their bank account in seconds!
  • QuickGive™ – Tithe.ly QuickGive™ allows users to give directly inside our giving app. It’s the fastest mobile-giving experience you’ve ever seen!
  • Automated recurring giving – Allow members to easily set up weekly or monthly automated recurring giving.
  • ChMS database integration – Automated integrations with ROCK RMS, Shelby v5 and Arena, Elvanto, Church Community Builder (CCB), FaithTeams, and Breeze with more coming all the time. We're working on integrations with ACS, Planning Center (PCO), Fellowship One, QuickBooks, and more.
  • International coverage – Tithe.ly currently supports churches in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom (UK), Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Japan with plans to roll out additional countries / currencies in 2020.
  • Custom statement descriptor – Churches can insert the name of the church so donors will see the church name on their credit card statement.
  • Tithe.ly Pledge™ – If your church runs yearly pledge campaigns, building funds, capital campaigns, or any other sort of fundraiser, then Tithe.ly Pledge is the right tool for you. Allow your givers to set up a pledge amount, set a time frame, and even auto-pay their pledge!

easyTithe offers some or variations of the features above, but no one innovates like Tithe.ly. We push updates and new features every month. We are a product-driven company that knows what churches need. Many of our features are thought up by our customers, so if you have a feature or update in mind, send it our way! We love listening and making things happen.

11) Real-time reporting and transaction-level transparency

We give you full visibility into how much you’ve raised through our platform with the associated Tithe.ly fees for each and every transaction -- in real-time! No monthly statements to sort out, no guessing, no complication. We provide complete transparency for every penny so you know exactly how much is being raised, what fees Tithe.ly is charging, and how much is being deposited into your bank account at the transaction and deposit level.

Through our detailed reporting and financial dashboard, all you have to do is log in to see everything whenever you’d like. On top of providing transaction-level transparency, we make deposit reconciliation a snap by showing you every deposit. Each deposit report will give you the Tithe.ly fees, the total amount deposited and number of gifts, amounts deposited by fund, and detail for every transaction included in the deposit.

12) International church and ministry support

Tithe.ly is the world’s largest global giving provider for churches and ministries as we support churches in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, and Japan … with more coming in 2020. That’s right, as a church in any of those countries you can use Tithe.ly’s giving tools to raise money. We’re focused on helping churches and ministries all around the world raise the funds they need to support the work of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Final thought on comparing easyTithe vs. Tithe.ly

At the end of the day, when comparing easyTithe you'll find they have a decent product, but it’s not right for every church due to the higher overall cost, ownership focus, and more limited feature set. Be sure your church is evaluating all the options and making the right choice for your congregation!

Tithe.ly was founded by pastors and is staffed by committed Christians serving in their local churches. We believe we are best suited to talk through any church’s digital-giving needs. Yes, we are a for-profit company, but we will never put profit before our commitment to serving Christ and His Church. You will always be dealing with a person who will put your church before our profit.

Do your due diligence when choosing a digital-giving provider, your church and members deserve nothing less. Take a look at these Tithe.ly reviews from pastors and ministry leaders just like you.

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