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How to Turn Your Church's Wordpress Website Into a Generosity Magnet

Install this plugin on your church's website to turn your online presence from a dust collecter to a generosity magnet.

How to Turn Your Church's Wordpress Website Into a Generosity Magnet

There are two kinds of church websites — the kind that looks like an updated Xanga page from 2001 and the epic, modern, sleek, cutting edge church website.

Not many websites fall in-between.

What’s the difference between the two?

In our experience working providing online giving and mobile giving solutions for nearly 10,000 churches, the difference of website quality could cost your church a ton in a lack of giving due to a simple church website setup.

One of the easiest platforms to use for your church website is Wordpress.

It’s customizable, popular, widely supported, and easy to upgrade as technology changes.

Thousands of churches today use Wordpress for their websites.

If your church uses Wordpress, your #1 task for today is to install the Wordpress plugin.

The reason why is simple.

According to,

  • 49% of all giving transactions in church are made via credit or debit cards
  • Churches with an online giving option see an 32% increase in donations

Think about it:

It’s not hard to see why churches with online giving buttons receive more donations. They remove obstacles to giving, which means people who want to give won’t be deterred by the difficult process of setting up monthly payments with their bank or writing a check every month.

Don’t force your donors to do manual labor in order to give.

Do the labor for them so that they can easily give.

In order to do this, you should use the Wordpress plugin on your church website.

What makes the Wordpress plugin such a cool feature is the fact that you can add a simple giving button on your website page which directly links to


Here are just a few benefits:

  • Enables users to pay via credit or debit card
  • Easy and user­ friendly
  • Allows once ­off OR recurring payments
  • Mobile ­friendly
  • Safe & Secure

Here are a few solid examples of Wordpress church sites where has been integrated:

1. Northport Church of God

This Wordpress Plugin Could Double Your Church’s Tithing

2. Momentum Church

This Wordpress Plugin Could Double Your Church’s Tithing

3. San Antonio Reformed Church

This Wordpress Plugin Could Double Your Church’s Tithing

4. Hope Community Church

This Wordpress Plugin Could Double Your Church’s Tithing

How to add a giving button to your Wordpress site:

Feel overwhelmed by the thought of adding a giving form to your church's website? 

Fear no more.

Take these two simple steps:

1. Embed a giving form

Via a simple giving widget provided by, you can embed a giving form into your website. This means that those who want to give can remain on your website while making their donation. This instills trust and saves time as it reduces the steps givers are required to take.

Note: You can only embed a form if your theme or subscription allows for custom code. If it doesn’t, you will be required to update your subscription OR use method 2 right below.

Warning: Your site should be SSL secure and start with HTTPS. If it starts with HTTP only it may not be secure and it would be best to contact your website provider to prevent users from being alerted when they click on the give button.

How to embed a giving form:

  • Retrieve your code
  • Login to your account
  • Click on the “website giving” tab in the left menu
  • Copy the HTML code at the top of the page labelled “simple giving widget”

Adding the button to Wordpress:

  • Go to the admin part of your website
  • Select the page you want to edit, and switch to “text”
  • View by selecting the option in the top right hand corner from visual to text
  • Choose where on the page you would like the button to appear
  • Place the code in that area
  • Switch back to visual and select “update” or “publish” to make your edits go live

Error: If after you’ve published the custom code and your “give” button appears as three broken lines of code with no image or blank text without a button, it’s most likely because your subscription or theme doesn't allow custom code. To fix this, you will need to contact your web provider and use method 2 below.

2. Direct website link

If your site is not SSL secure OR you prefer not to use custom code, you can scroll to the bottom of the “website giving” page and look for the section titled “direct link.”

Copy your dedicated giving form URL from there and paste it anywhere on your site or if your site allows, you can add it as a button.

Just add the direct giving link in the URL dedicated section and save.

Over to you

Get the Wordpress plugin today and don’t leave any more money sitting on the table in your congregation.

People want to give.

Don’t let your inefficient and outdated systems give them an excuse not to give.

Don't have 

No sweat.

You can sign up for free in five minutes or less.


How to Turn Your Church's Wordpress Website Into a Generosity Magnet