🎉 Updates: July 2019 🎉 makes its products better for churches every single month! Check out our July 2019 updates for the best new features of the tools.

🎉 Updates: July 2019 🎉

Jesse Wisnewski

There’s one thing you must know about your church’s technology: 

It must adapt. 

Features should be added. 

And your overall experience should improve with time. 

Here’s why:

The technology you use should make your ministry more efficient (e.g., church management software) or help you meet a need (e.g., church giving). 

To this end, our team cranked out a ton of small updates. With some of these changes, we fixed a few things, and, for others, we created a better experience for you. 

During this time, there’s one thing I’d like to highlight for you:

Featured Layout Cards in the church app now resize their height

At, we’ve made navigating your church app a breeze. 

Your app users can easily thumb their way through your content. 

The ease of this process is made possible by the Featured Layout Cards. 

Even though these Featured Layout Cards work extremely well. In the spirit of making the best church tech in the galaxy, our team gave these cards a facelift. 

Here’s what they did:

The Featured Layout Cards will now resize their height to fit the content you add to your church app card. You’ll still need to use a 16:9 image. But when it comes to the title, description, or no text at all, the cards will resize themselves. 

Here’s a closer look of the before and after: 

At the beginning of this gif, you see how things used to work. 

For example, if you added an image and did not include a title or description, you were left with a block of whitespace, which didn’t look great. Now, if you want to do this, then the church app will resize your cards to fit whatever format you choose. 

With this latest update, you’ll be able to easily create a consistent look and feel with your church app. 

Pro tip:

In your app, create consistency between your cards with the format you use. 

For example, there are two areas you need to keep an eye on with your app:

  1. Title
  2. Description

Before creating another card, choose a consistent format to follow. 

Do you want to only include a title?

Do you prefer to only use a description? 

Does adding a title and description work best? 

WhatHow about not adding any content? 

There’s no one best format for your church app. 

The best thing you can do is be consistent with whatever format you choose.

Thanks for allowing us to serve you and your church.

We’re thankful to play a small part in supporting the work you do.

Be on the lookout for new products and updates coming soon.

In the meantime, feel free to share your feedback.

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🎉 Updates: July 2019 🎉