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Inside Meet John Holtkamp, Church Apps Technical Director

Meet the genius who is revolutionizing the church app game. Bonus—he works at!

Inside Meet John Holtkamp, Church Apps Technical Director

Jesse Wisnewski

Hi, y’all!

I’d love for you to meet John Holtkamp. 

John is the Church Apps Technical Director here at, which means he’s at the forefront of leading our church apps team. John and his team are responsible for maintaining our church app platform local churches can use to boost engagement. 

John is also active in his local church where he is a service director and works with the media team throughout the week, which helps him to continually keep his finger on the pulse of what churches need. He also works with a number groups and ministries within the church and preaches when he has the opportunity. He’s a devoted husband and father, as well as an avid runner.

We recently asked John a few questions to get to know him better. Read on!

Q: How did you hear about/get started at and what’s the best part about working here?

A: ChurchLink was acquired by in February 2018, and I was working for ChurchLink at the time—so that brought me into the family. I had actually met Dean Sweetman (one of the founders of at a convention and we stayed connected over the years. God did what God does and connected the dots that brought me to a place where eventually we were working together.

The best part about working with is the freedom to work remotely with an incredible team that gets to help define the direction of an entire industry as we dream of new ways to help people connect with God.

Q: What’s your definition of success?

A: Finding the sweet spot where I am able to make a living doing something I love for the kingdom.

Q: Not including (shameless plug), what is one must-use app or tool for church leaders?

A: Communication is so important in the church, so if we are going to ignore ChMS, Giving, and a Church App (all, I would say a communication app like Slack. I think that if a church can integrate something like that into volunteer teams, it can solve many issues if done correctly.

Q: What’s your favorite book?

A: The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

Thanks for reading along! Stay tuned to meet more of the team!


Inside Meet John Holtkamp, Church Apps Technical Director