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How to Enhance Your church’s Worship Experience: 5 Easy Principles

Learn how to improve your church’s worship experience to boost growth and engagement.

How to Enhance Your church’s Worship Experience: 5 Easy Principles

As a pastor, I know that your biggest gathering of the week is your worship experience.

That's where most of your people are going to gather during the week and where you can have a really big impact. And then you're going to take that worship experience and put it online and distribute it for even bigger impact. I'm going to give you some things today to think about to enhance your worship experience. 

One thing that we do at Twelve:Thirty Media is we create ready-made content for you to use in that worship experience and online, custom graphics and video to use in that worship experience and online, and also we train you to enhance and transform your worship experience.

One thing I'm going to give you is five ways to execute your pre- and post-service slides.

1. The welcome slides status quo.

Normally when someone walks into your auditorium, your announcement slides are usually what’s on-screen. In most churches, that's going to be a still slide with an announcement on it. That's what most churches do. Let me give you four different ways to enhance that time in your church. 

2. Motion graphics welcome slides.

I’d like to suggest what I'll call motion announcements. And this is a slide, but it's animated. It requires motion graphics, and it enhances that announcement slide and adds some pizazz. It makes it look really, really nice (see the embedded video for an example). One thing you might be thinking here is: “Well, that looks great, but how do I make it?” Companies like ours make these, and can make them for you.

If you have a video guy on your team or a motion designer of some kind that you can access, that's the person with the skill set to make these. But if you want a low-cost option, if you don't have the budget to have a creative team or if your creative team is completely tapped out, let us be a resource for you to make content like this for your worship experience and your online experiences as well. 

3. Using video graphics for your church welcome screen.

The third way that you can enhance your pre- and post-service announcement time is by using video clips. You want to share B-roll of people in your environment, and you can even put a lower third or some type of text to show: “This is our kids' environment” or “This is a welcome environment.”

You don't even have to put text on the slide if it doesn’t fit your aesthetic, but it’s worth considering. You're simply showing people having fun interacting at your environment. That's the third way.

4. Using animated slides on your church welcome screen.

You can make some “motion announcements” in your presentation software. If you're using ProPresenter, MediaShout, EasyWorship, Proclaim, or whatever presentation software you're using, I'm going to get you to drop a video clip as a background and then you can go into the editor of your presentation software.

You can put a rectangle as you see here. You can put a rectangle and then some text on screen and your presentation software can even animate that a little bit, so you can create your own motion announcements. It just adds a little bit of punch rather than just a still slide that's cutting or dissolving between each other.

5. Mixing your church welcome screen approaches.

If you have a still slide, you can add a motion announcement, a video clip, and then something that you've made in your presentation software. You can mix all of those together and that can be what people see as they're interacting and seeing what's onscreen, either live in your environment or online.


Those are five ways that you can enhance your pre- and post-service announcement slides. Again, what you might be thinking is: “Well, I don't have time to make these, and my team is completely tapped out to make these.” I want to encourage you to reach out to us. TwelveThirty.Media is our site. If you go to TwelveThirty.Media/quote, you can just give us the information about what you need so we can make the motion announcements for you. 

We can help you with anything that you might need. That quote form is all about producing content for you. As a result, you can feel free to reach out to us anytime that you need, if you have any questions on how your team can make these other things for you. TwelveThirty.Media is our website. I hope these tips will really help you transform the worship experiences at your church.

This is a guest post by Carl Barnhill, CEO of TwelveThirty.Media. Connect with Carl here.

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How to Enhance Your church’s Worship Experience: 5 Easy Principles