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5 Surprising Ways Church Management Software Can Help You Lead a Healthy Church

Administration is the backbone of your church. Here are five ways church management software can help you build a healthy church.

5 Surprising Ways Church Management Software Can Help You Lead a Healthy Church

Administration is the backbone of your church.

It’s what helps your church to …

  • Gather people together for worship
  • Keep track of giving
  • Lead people to join small groups or Bible studies
  • Run events
  • Effectively communicate

Without proper administration, leading your church is difficult if not impossible.

It’s hard to stay in touch with your members, and you’ll always feel behind and stressed out with everything going on.

Enter church management software

There’s general agreement that church management software (ChMS) is a vital tool for church administration. Instead of relying upon sticky notes, spreadsheets, and group text messages, you can store everything you need in ChMS and share it with your staff and volunteers.

To show you what we mean, here are five surprising ways church management software can help you lead a healthy church.

#1. Engage first-time guests

Leading someone to visit your church for the first time is difficult.

Encouraging a visitor to return for a second time can be just as challenging.

How you help a visitor become an active participant in the life of your church is vital. This process (what’s called church assimilation) can make or break your church in the long run.

Church management software makes it easy for you to track first-time guests, save notes, and to connect with them after they visit.

#2. Share open communication

Open communication is essential in every relationship—especially in the church.

As a church leader, you need to be able to communicate with people one-on-one as well as with groups easily.

Having access to everyone’s information is one thing.

Quickly connecting with a group of people (leadership, staff, volunteers) is another thing.

Thankfully, you don’t have to rely on group text messages or a group chat on Facebook.

ChMS makes individual and group communication a snap.

You can stay in touch with individual members, groups, or send a message to your entire church via email or text (SMS) message, which makes it easy to keep everyone in the loop with the latest happenings.

#3. Provide pastoral care

As a pastor, you care.

You care about …

  • Reaching your community for Christ
  • Tending to the well-being of your church members
  • Being up-to-date about the family of your church members
  • People participating in your worship services and small groups

As a pastor, you also know it’s difficult to care for people.

Not only is your time limited.

But it’s also challenging keeping up with the latest happenings in everyone’s life.

To make it easier to care for your people, church management software empowers you to focus on your people. It’s an all-in-one tool that allows you to add personal notes, keep track of attendance and giving, and know where people are serving or if they’re involved in small groups or Bible studies.

Know what else?

You can easily share your notes with another member of your staff if he or she needs to step in and help out.

#4. Save you time

It’s rare to find a pastor (maybe you?) who doesn’t feel the need to be more organized.

In your church, you have a ton of balls to juggle.

Not only do you need to prepare your sermon, organize your worship service, and provide pastoral care. But you also have to make sure that the life of your church continues to function. As you know, there’s a tremendous amount of administrative work involved.

ChMS will reduce your stress by simplifying your administration.

With church management software, you can:

  • See the data you need
  • Plan your worship services
  • Run reports
  • Track giving
  • Manage events
  • Stay up-to-date with volunteers

We know administrative tasks may not feel “spiritual” or rewarding.

But we also know that as you run a well-oiled church that you will experience the blessing of being organized, and taste the fruits of your growth.

#5. Lead volunteers effectively

Volunteers are the hands and feet of your church.

Without them, your church would cease to exist.

Keep this mind:

Volunteers are volunteering their time.

They’re making a sacrifice to do whatever they’re doing.

It’s easy to take this for granted in the church.

Why bring this up?

When you make it easy for people to volunteer and empower them with whatever they need to succeed, then your volunteers will be thankful for your support.

To better manage your volunteers, church volunteer management software is vital.

ChMS helps you to …

  • Schedule volunteers
  • Send volunteers messages from one location
  • Track volunteers interests and skills
  • Plan your worship services

Keeping everything in one place for volunteers makes is easy for them to know what’s going on. They don’t have to write emails, make phone calls, or send last-minute texts to find out the information they need.

Volunteers can keep track of their work in church management software.

Over to you

Don’t allow lousy administration tools to make your life difficult.

There’s no need to create unnecessary stress in your life by using dated tools.

With church management software, you can  …

  • Maximize your time.
  • Empower your staff and volunteers.
  • Create an open line of communication with everyone in your church.

Don’t worry about busting your budget, either.

The options for ChMS are plenty, with choices like Church Community Builder and others. Church Management is super affordable for churches of any size.


5 Surprising Ways Church Management Software Can Help You Lead a Healthy Church