4 REALLY Amazing Product Upgrades to the Giving Platform

We really do love pushing up new features for y’all. It’s fun to deliver tools you need and use. Click to view 4 recent, amazing product upgrades we made!

4 REALLY Amazing Product Upgrades to the Giving Platform

We really do love pushing up new features for y’all.

It’s fun to deliver tools you need and use.It’s encouraging to hear your feedback — positive and “constructive”.It’s fulfilling to innovate and bring new features to the Church.It brings us a lot of joy as we’ve invested our hearts, minds, time, energy, and resources into building a product that serves thousands of churches around the world!

With that said, here are three of the latest and greatest features from We REALLY hope you find them super useful and welcome your feedback! Use the comments below to let us know what you think.

1. Deposit Emails

It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve finally added a simple email that finance admins receive when we deposit money into your bank account.

Admin users who have finance permissions will receive these emails automatically, but if you don’t want to receive these you have the ability to turn them off. Just go to Church Administrators from the left hand menu and click edit for any of the admins on your list. You’ll see the permissions listed there (screen shot below):

2. Updates to the Giving App’s mobile giving app is the lynchpin of our overall suite of giving tools. Many churches rely on it to raise significant funds so we’re always bringing new features to it so that we continue to make giving more and more simple, secure, and fun!

Here are the latest and greatest app features.

Touch ID (aka fingerprint) — Touch ID from Apple is a brilliant way to increase security while keeping it simple for people. No passwords to remember. No PIN numbers. Nothing. Touch ID is a seamless way to use your fingerprint as a passcode. Your fingerprint is one of the best “passwords”” in the world. It’s always with you, and no two are exactly alike. now allows iOS users to use Touch ID to unlock and open the mobile giving app! Woohooooo!!!! We can hear the cheers :)Smart Giving reminders — App based notifications are a great way to communicate with app users. The latest mobile giving app takes a smart approach to sending gentle giving reminders to users encouraging them to give. For those that are consistently using the app we intelligently send them reminders based on their giving patterns. For others, we’ll send a generic reminder on Sunday morning at 9:30 am local time.Update address and phone number in app — App users can now easily add and/or update their address and phone number directly within the app.Smarter search — When searching for a church in the app, we now order the search results based on location so that the churches matching your search show up based on which one is closest to you. That way, when you’re searching for “First Baptist Church” you get yours!

3. Recurring Gift Management

Oh, yea!

You can now see and manage all your recurring gifts as an admin of your church. If you look at the sample below, you’ll see that the recurring gift management tool gives you visibility into all the things you need to know — the persons name, email, phone, and address as well as the recurring gift amount and schedule.

Here’s how you get to the new feature: Log into Got to My Churches > View Giving Statements > Recurring Giving.

The new recurring gift management page will allow you to:

View all recurring gifts and see if they are active, paused, or failing.Edit a recurring gift. You’ll be able to edit the amount, fund/designation, recurring schedule, and payment method.Pause a recurring gift in case a donor needs to sort some things out in their finances or otherwise just needs to take a break with their recurring gift.

4. Upgraded Admin Gift Entry

The first version of’s admin gift entry tool was a lightning fast way for church staff to enter and process credit and debit card gifts on behalf of people. Whether you receive contributions written on envelops, mailed in, or called in, the admin gift entry tool allowed you to very quickly process those gifts or payments.

But we knew it could be SO much more!

Version two of our admin gift entry form allows you to:

  • Setup recurring giving — That’s right! You can now setup automated recurring giving for those individuals who you process the same amount for each week or month. Just complete the form and set the recurring giving fields to the schedule needed. It’s that easy!
  • Process check donations via ACH — Sometimes people want to use their bank account vs. a credit or debit card. The new admin gift entry form allows you to accept and enter banking info (account and routing numbers) in order to process gifts! Just select “New Check (ACH)” from the payment type drop down and enter the individuals bank account and routing numbers. This information will save for future use so that the next time you receive a gift you won’t have to type it in again.
  • Record cash and check donations — Digital giving is growing, but many churches still receive a significant amount of giving via cash and check. Dealing with credit/debit card giving in one system and cash/check in yet another system can be time consuming and complicated, but it doesn’t have to be! wants to make it simple so you are now able to record for tracking purposes all cash and check donations! These gifts are not processed and incur no fees, they are simply stored in the system and tracked against the individual so that you can easily see their giving history and provide tax statements at the end of the year all from ONE system. To record cash and check gifts, simply select “cash/check recording” from the payment types drop down and then enter the amount.
  • Capture full address, phone, email, member ID and memo — Everything that can be entered by an individual via the mobile giving appand online giving form can now we captured in the admin gift entry tool. When entering in a new gift you can now capture all the information you need about each donor.
  • Cover the processing fees — “Cover the fees™” by, is a great little feature that donors can turn on when giving through the online or mobile giving tools, but it wasn’t available on the admin gift entry tool. Surprisingly, many donors decide to do this so we wanted to make the option available to you as an admin user. If a donor would like to “cover the fees”, you just have to check the little box at the bottom of the form!

It’s your turn …

There you have it. The latest and greatest church giving product updates. We’d love to hear your feedback. Drop us a note in the comments below.




4 REALLY Amazing Product Upgrades to the Giving Platform