Online Giving for Catholic Churches

Top 10 Best Catholic Church Giving Platforms for 2024

Every church, regardless of denomination, requires charitable giving. These tithes and donations are what allow any church to operate, hire staff, maintain a building, send mission trips, and give back to the local community. The same is true for any Catholic parish.

Giving can happen in a number of ways—from cash and checks—but online giving is an increasingly popular choice for automating giving to a place of worship. For Catholic churches to take advantage of online giving, you’ll need an online giving platform.

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<a href="#list-1" class="toc-link">1. Tithely</a>

<a href="#list-2" class="toc-link">2. Breeze ChMS</a>

<a href="#list-3" class="toc-link">3. RebelGive</a>

<a href="#list-4" class="toc-link">4. Subsplash</a>

<a href="#list-5" class="toc-link">5. Pushpay</a>

<a href="#list-6" class="toc-link">6. EasyTithe</a>

<a href="#list-7" class="toc-link">7. PayPak</a>

<a href="#list-8" class="toc-link">8. Continue to Give</a>

<a href="#list-9" class="toc-link">9. Donorbox</a>

<a href="#list-10" class="toc-link">10. Givelify</a>

What are Online Giving Platforms for Catholic Parishes?

Every church, regardless of denomination, requires charitable giving. These tithes and donations are what allow any church to operate, hire staff, maintain a building, send mission trips, and give back to the local community. The same is true for any Catholic parish.

Giving can happen in a number of ways—from cash and checks—but online giving is an increasingly popular choice for automating giving to a place of worship. For Catholic churches to take advantage of online giving, you’ll need an online giving platform.

Why Do You Need an Online Giving Platform for Your Catholic Church?

Online giving platforms provide a turn-key solution for churches to accept and process digital donations. Rather than developing a complex online money processor yourself, there are a number of software companies that have done the hard work for you.

These online giving platforms integrate directly into your parish’s website, social accounts, or mobile app to provide a variety of virtual giving options. This even allows church and community members to give by scanning a QR code or sending a text message.

By not using a pre-built online giving platform, your Catholic church is missing out on a growing portion of your tithes. Not accepting digital donations creates a barrier for the congregation to participate in an important part of church life.

Benefits of Online Giving for Catholic Churches

If you’re still not convinced, there are a number of benefits that an online giving solution can provide to any Catholic church:

  • Automation: People can automate their giving to repeat weekly or monthly.
  • Options: They’re able to give with a variety of forms, including ACS transfer or credit card.
  • Asynchronous: Giving can happen not just in the church building or on Sunday morning.
  • Reporting: You can receive automated giving reports, rather than running them manually.

How to Choose a Good Online Giving Platform for Catholic Church

The various choices for online giving platforms are as different as churches. Therefore, there’s no one right option for your congregation. You’ve got to take the time and do your due diligence to select the right platform given your needs, expectations, and budget.

These platforms also change over time—just like your church. Therefore, it’s also worth reevaluating your online giving platform every few years to ensure that it’s still the best fit for you. You’ll also want to make sure that this platform connects to your other church tools, especially your Church Management Software (ChMS) to make administrative tasks easier.

How We Evaluated These Best Online Giving Platforms for Catholic Parishes

We’ve collected a few of the top online giving software for Catholic Parishes based on a wide range of criteria including usability, features, benefits, and pricing. This is your quick guide for making the right decision for a giving solution.

Top 10 Best Online Giving Platforms for Catholic Churches In 2024

Here Are Some of the Best Online Giving Platforms for Catholic Churches:

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Usability and Experience’s QuickGive option allows your church members to make a donation with a single tap. The goal is to cut down on the complexity for your users.

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Features

  • In-depth reporting to manage financials
  • Offline cash and check recording
  • Automated giving made easy

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Benefits giving integrates directly with the rest of a suite of tools, which also includes Church Management Software (ChMS), website builder, mobile app, and worship planning.

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Pricing’s giving platform has no monthly payment or setup cost. The price is covered in the transaction fees per donation.

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Pros of

  • Integrates with a wide suite of tools
  • Plenty of ways to give to your church

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Cons of

  • The larger system might not be for every church
  • Doesn’t work as well if integrated with other tools
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<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Usability and Experience

Breeze was created to be one of the simplest Church Management Software with a built-in giving service. This makes it ideal for smaller churches.

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Features

  • Transition to their software included in the price
  • Free phone and email support
  • Leverage people records within the built-in ChMS

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Benefits

Breeze is now a part of the family, making it easier to connect to the rest of their tools. Breeze also has one simple monthly cost that includes all features.

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Pricing

Breeze costs $72 per month.

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Pros of Breeze

  • Very simple user experience that’s perfect for small churches
  • One low monthly cost that includes all features

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Cons of Breeze

  • A more limited feature set
  • No options to add on new features

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Usability and Experience

RebelGive uses Giving Flows to create a seamless user experience to make donations without a mobile app.

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Features

  • Members can view their history of giving from a personal Control Center.
  • Churches can customize Giving Flows to their brand
  • Works great on mobile devices without an app

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Benefits

RebelGive is based on a flat monthly cost and does not take transaction fees. The benefit is that churches get to keep 100% of their donations.

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Pricing

RebelGive costs $29/month.

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Pros of RebelGive

  • Retain all of your church donations without transaction fees
  • High level of customization within forms and donation center

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Cons of RebelGive

  • No free trial period to try it out
  • Limited to only churches in the US and Canada
  • Does not integrate with external ChMS

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Usability and Experience

Subsplash began as a church apps company, so their giving platform is built around an easy-to-use mobile experience.

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Features

  • Insights on donors and donations
  • Custom branding for the donation pages
  • Integration with other Subsplash digital tools

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Benefits

Similar to, Subsplash offers a wide range of other products, including ChMS, live streaming, websites, and messaging. All of these work together within Subsplash One.

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Pricing

Subsplash has no monthly cost for giving. The platform is covered by transaction fees.

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Pros of Subsplash

  • Built around a strong mobile platform
  • No monthly costs and low transaction fees

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Cons of Subsplash

  • Their decreasing rates for growing churches aren’t ideal for smaller churches
  • More of their focus is on the apps, rather than the giving platform
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<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Usability and Experience

Pushpay’s online giving platform is considered relatively easy to use for churchgoers. 

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Features

  • A Catholic-specific platform called ParishStaq
  • Integrates with their ChMS and mobile apps
  • Intuitive giving experience for English and Spanish-speaking donors

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Benefits

Pushpay is built around its giving platform, so more focus is placed on the donations side of the technology.

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Pricing

Pushpay offers three pricing tiers for their ChMS—core, advanced, and complete—based on what features you need.

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Pros of Pushpay

  • An option specifically for a Catholic parish
  • Integration to their custom ChMS

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Cons of Pushpay

  • Higher potential costs
  • Fewer other features without integrating into other tools

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Usability and Experience

It’s right in the name—the goal of easyTithe is to make giving to any size church simple. 

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Features

  • A fast customer support response time
  • They offer integrations with physical giving kiosks
  • Offers giving through a website, texting, or mobile app

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Benefits

EasyTithe also offers a pro option that connects your giving platform to a ChMS and mobile app. They also offer a wide range of external ChMS integrations.

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Pricing

The pricing is based on church size with $19/month for small churches and $49/month for mid-sized churches. The Pro option starts at $75/month for new customers.

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Pros of EasyTithe

  • No contracts or startup costs
  • Integrates with a wide range of third-party ChMS

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Cons of EasyTithe

  • More limited giving options
  • Higher transaction fees per donation

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Usability and Experience

As one of the largest online giving platforms, PayPal is incredibly easy for people to use in a variety of settings. 

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Features

  • Accept online donations with a landing page or donation button
  • Quick to get setup with donation forms
  • Widely known and trusted by people

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Benefits

PayPal is a large technology company that most people will recognize. They offer a quick and easy solution for smaller churches looking to get started fast.

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Pricing

There is no monthly cost for an account, but they do charge higher transaction fees.

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Pros of PayPal

  • Quick to get started
  • Easy to add a donation button to your webpage

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Cons of PayPal

  • Very little customization or embed options
  • Not specifically built for churches or nonprofits in mind
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<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Usability and Experience

Continue to Give has a slightly less modern user experience compared to some of the other options. The appearance is still intuitive but clunkier.

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Features

  • Giving via texting, app, website, kiosk, QR code, and Facebook
  • Offers a crowdfunding option
  • Includes free coaching and free setup

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Benefits

Continue to Give was created for all nonprofits, not just churches. They offer additional reporting and fundraising features beyond just church-giving platforms.

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Pricing

Two options depending on your church size. Silver has no monthly cost, but higher transaction fees, while Gold costs $29/mo with a lower transaction fee structure.

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Pros of Continue to Give

  • Build for nonprofits, churches and missionaries
  • No startup costs and training included

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Cons of Continue to Give

  • Outdated user experience
  • No integration with a ChMS

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Usability and Experience

Donorbox features a customizable and modern giving form that can be integrated into your church website.

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Features

  • Peer-to-peer fundraising
  • Event fundraising
  • Crowdfunding
  • Donor management platform

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Benefits

Donorbox is one of the more prominent nonprofit fundraising tools. They’re used by more than 50,000 organizations across 96 countries.

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Pricing

Donorbox offers three tiers: standard, pro, and premium. Standard has no monthly cost, but multiple fees. Pro has reduced fees but costs $139 per month. The premium account is for enterprise-level clients with custom pricing.

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Pros of Donorbox

  • Modern platform with nonprofit fundraising tools
  • High level of customization and integrations

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Cons of Donorbox

  • Not built specifically for the church
  • More expensive pricing

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Usability and Experience

Givelify has a very modern branding that is created to be easy to use. Donors can even give directly from Givelify’s website, offering another source of donations.

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Features

  • Donor management platform
  • Donor engagement tools
  • Lots of integrations with several ChMS tools

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Benefits

Similar to Donorbox, Givelify is a general nonprofit donor platform that serves more than 60,000 organizations globally. People can also find your organization and give from their website.

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Pricing

No monthly fees, just based on transaction fees.

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Pros of Givelify

  • No contracts or monthly fees.
  • A wide range of third-party integrations, including some ChMS

<img class="icon-listicle" src="">Cons of Givelify

  • Fewer methods of giving
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Final Thoughts

  • Every church needs an online giving platform.
  • It takes research and work to find the right one for you.
  • Most giving platforms lower their monthly costs by adding transaction fees into each donation; keep this in mind when making a choice.
  • There are a wide range of ways that donors can give online.

Online Giving for Catholic Churches FAQs

What Is the Average Online Donation Size?

According to one source, the average gift to a church per week was $17 in 2020, and the average churchgoer donated $884 during the entire year. 

What Is the Best Online Donation Site?

Different from donation platforms, online donation sites allow people to crowdfund money for specific causes or projects. This includes sites like Go Fund Me and Kickstarter.

What Is the Best Donation Platform?

There’s no one right answer to this question. There’s only the platform that’s right for your church, and that might change over time.