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Simplify Your Mission Trips With and Focus Missions

See how's new integration with Focus Missions can save your team dozens of hours managing your next mission trip.

Simplify Your Mission Trips With and Focus Missions

Jesse Wisnewski

Mission trips can be a vital part of your church.

They provide an opportunity for your church to …

  • Encourage your congregation to evangelize
  • Connect with unreached people
  • Provide tangible support
  • Support churches and ministries around the world
  • Provide relief for workers

Many churches (maybe yours?) send their members on mission trips every year. According to one study, more than one million people participate in a short-term mission trip every year.

If you’ve managed any mission trip before (short- or long-term), you know it ain’t easy.

Sending a group of people anywhere requires a tremendous amount of work:

  • Pick a destination and project
  • Partner with an individual or organization
  • Encourage people to participate
  • Arrange for travel and lodging
  • Ensure paperwork is complete
  • Prepare participants
  • Raise financial support

To pull off a mission trip, it can easily take dozens of hours.

From managing spreadsheets, sending emails and group text messages, and ensuring everyone is ready to go, you have to juggle several balls at once.

Thankfully, this is no longer the case.

You don’t have to spend countless hours managing mission trips.

Instead, you can spend more time preparing in prayer, team building, and training.

Let me show you how.

Say Hello to Focus Missions

The most efficient way to manage your mission trips is with Focus Missions—the leading trip management software.

Focus Missions is like the Swiss Army Knife for managing mission trips. It’s one tool with all the features you need. With Focus Missions, you can manage your paperwork, receive donations, upload required documents, and communicate with your team from one place.

This means you don’t have to worry about managing multiple spreadsheets, keeping track of group texts or email chains, or filing a bunch of paperwork.

Know what else?

You can now use to process donations made through Focus Missions.

Check this out.

Focus Missions, Meet

Your church can now integrate your account with Focus Missions.

This is more than a technical issue.

This integration is good for you (the sender) and your church community (the sent).

For your church, with this integration, you can …

  • Simplify your bookkeeping
  • Keep better track of your missions giving
  • Streamline your financial reconciliation
  • Limit the tools you use to accept donations
  • Reduce your administrative overhead

In short, you’ll save a tremendous amount of time.

Regarding your church community, raising financial support is the biggest obstacle they face in participating in a mission trip. With Focus Missions and, this challenge is significantly reduced. Every participant gets a fundraising page they can easily share on social media, email, and with their family and friends. A fundraising page with mobile and online giving options will provide a significant boost in raising the financial support they need.

Get ready for your next mission trip

Do you have an upcoming mission trip?

Need help managing the process?

Would you love to streamline your trip fundraising?

There are only two things you need to do:

Prefer to talk to someone?

Feel free to contact one of our team members today.

We’re looking forward to supporting you and your church’s next mission trip.

God speed!


Simplify Your Mission Trips With and Focus Missions