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4 Ways to Create Momentum in Your Church

Are you looking to create momentum in your church? Sustained momentum is created by 1,000,000 little things pushing in the same direction … each of those little things pushes towards the end goal of moving the church forward.

4 Ways to Create Momentum in Your Church

If you’ve been in the ministry more than five minutes, then you know that your church will go through many seasons. There will be times when your church will experience new life, and there will be times when the growth of your church is stagnant.

Many things can contribute to a decline in the spiritual vitality of your church, and some things can influence your church’s positive momentum. To help you and your church gain in the new year, here are four ways you can create momentum.

#1. Pray, pray, and pray

Here’s the deal about momentum in your church:

It belongs to God.

If you desire to reach new neighborhoods in your community, experience new life in your church, and an increased desire for people to live and love like Jesus, then you and your church need to pray.

Throughout the Bible, prayer always accompanies the work of God. In Acts 4:31, we read that the people were “filled with the Holy Spirit and continued to speak the word of God with boldness” after they prayed.

If you long to see your church experience revitalization, then you need to pray regularly.

If you're church doesn't have a consistent time of prayer, consider starting a prayer meeting. This is a great way to rally your church together to seek God.

#2. Consistently share your “why”

Why does your church exist?

Why did you go into ministry in the first place?

We all know the Sunday School answer to these questions is God. But let’s dig a little deeper. How does God's general call (make disciples, baptize, etc.) of you and your church apply? In other words, how is God calling you and your church to reach your community with the gospel?

Regularly share your “why," the answer to the two questions above, with your church. You can mention it during announcements, share it during your sermons, add it to your website, and a whole lot more.

Sharing your “why” will rally people around God’s call and encourage them to participate in his work. And when times get tough, reminding yourself and others of your why will help you to persevere.

#3. Celebrate God’s work

God is at work in your church.

You may not be able to see it or feel it, but God is alive and at work in your church. He desires to give people new life in Christ. He is transforming people into the image of Jesus. He is restoring marriages, changing lives, and building his church.

Celebrate God’s work with your church. Highlight different ministries. Share testimonies. Invite missionaries you support to share their work.

Sharing God’s work in and through your church will encourage people to know they are participating in God’s work by being involved with your church.

#4. Be humble

Any momentum you and your church have is because you received it from God. Fight the temptation to take the credit for God’s work. Use any momentum you gain as an opportunity to give glory to God.

What suggestion would you add to this list to help a church gain momentum? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


4 Ways to Create Momentum in Your Church